Johan Derksen in doubt about stopping Football Inside

Johan Derksen in doubt about stopping Football Inside

Friday night starts the new season of Football Inside, what would be the last one for Johan Derksen. But the voetbalanalyticus doubt about whether he really wants to quit the talk show.

The good relationship with Wilfred Genee and René van der Jibe is the reason that the 68-year-old Derksen finds it hard to after this season, there is a point behind. “I find it silly to those guys in the lurch to leave,” he says in the AD.

The time that the three not by one door, could is over. “There were indeed periods in which we hated, and outside broadcast each other doodzwegen. The were ego-hassles. And perhaps that therefore, we are now closer to each other are grown. Also the death of René’s girlfriend has a lot with our band done. The quarrel has been a while. The zenderbaas of RTL7 in that respect, a very boring year behind us.”

Derksen know why VI when the public intense evokes response. “Well, I love to annoy me to Peter R. de Vries, but not of the screen is way to whack. I think that’s enough people for that reason to see me.” For the case that Derksen still stops with the program, he already knows a suitable successor. “Wim Kieft would fine my place. A pity that he is at Ziggo Sport.”

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