Joep Vermolen think this is not a post about how the Netflix series is life-changing

With two of his friends, a pilot for a potential web series, and a few years later, the two seasons of international-via Netflix, can cast; it’s happened to Joep Vermolen, an actor, and one of the creators of the series Show. In a conversation with he says that he doesn’t think about how his life will change as well.

“It lasted a few seconds before it sunk in”, says Vermolen about the same time that he had heard that the Show had been acquired by Netflix. “We were pleasantly surprised to find that, but we know not yet what it should mean, and how prominent we are on a Netflix show. Of course, we had a hard celebration.”

Vermolen didn’t have any experience as an actor, before moving on to Show started. “I have learned the director is a Bear, at Kate’s happen to be acquainted, and that he was working on a komedieproject that is the kind of awkward humor appealed to me. I was more concerned about composing and asked if I have any music for this project.”

Vermolen, explains that he eventually was asked to be a supporting role to play. “I didn’t text, and it was particularly uncomfortable to watch, and that seemed to me to lie”, quips he. “This project came not from the ground, but we were still together, encourage to do. Along with the writer Dirk van Pelt was there to Show off on.”

‘Eve, home cooked apple pie was fun, and came up with his own input

The pictures were laptopcamera written and the idea behind it was that they put it on YouTube, would be set up, but then decided that KPN will have two seasons to send out, and they were given a budget by the company. All of a sudden there are more possibilities, and so ended up with the character to Show in the second episode, when the host of Eve, home cooked apple pie on the table. “What began as fantasies, however, could suddenly just be. How cool is it that Eva is home cooked apple pie really wanted to do. She was very funny too, and came up with their own input.”

Although known to the Dutch from the beginning, were willing to work with it, there was a Vermolen still have a lot to learn. “I’ve been acting, well, to practice for the auditions, we fell. As for the role of Nina (the singer who is Show as a duo is played by Amy van der Weerden, ed.). were a lot of candidates will pass, and then I prepared myself for the tegenspel.”

On the question of whether or Vermolen find that his acting has grown up, he replies in agreement. “I think that we, as the cast and crew, all of them have gotten better from the beginning to the end. You will see a real progression in the series. In terms of style, we were still looking at it in the beginning, and I’m an actor, too.”

“I feel like as an actor more comfortable, than as a composer

Vermolen, says more and more self-confidence to do so, when he said good-by to himself to be able to assess how good it is there from the brought out in the set-up. “I felt that the feedback received from the Bear was the same as my own to feel good about my performance. I was thus able to make my own feeling more and more confident, made me more confident, made while playing the game.”

He sees a future for himself as an actor. “I feel like this box is more comfortable than I ever had as a composer, I have felt it. I’m less sure what to do and to dare greater things, to try out. I’m a lot happier now that I have music as a hobby, do it where I’m not financially dependent on me.”

A future for the Show with a new season, he dares not yet decided to do so. However, there are some ideas if parties are interested. “We’ve never stopped to think of the narratives around the Show.”

Vermolen has been as an actor, to work with the other projects in which he is no longer with his friends on the set. “I felt a little bit like the first day of high school. It’s very exciting, even though I still have a lot to learn. I have, of course, is not acteeropleiding done this before, so I was supposed to do with a field in at the deep end together.”

He doesn’t dare to say whether or not his life is going to change now on Display on an international level, Netflix is to be seen. “I don’t have a clue what is happening here, but I’m not, of course, very curious to see the responses. I remain, however, in the calmest when I can focus on the content.”

In the two seasons of the Show, from the 18th of October on Netflix to see it.


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