Joëlle Witschge are unsure whether they will ever be available in South Korea, wants to please you

Joëlle Witschge, who has recently and for the first time, the mother was unsure whether or not she ever would be giving birth in South Korea. Both during and after the birth of her son, Rio, she found the cultural differences with the Netherlands. That, she says, in Grazia magazine.

“To the gynecologist, spoke for a little bit of English,” writes the 27-year-old Witschge her date of birth. “But the team around it. That is, it is difficult to communicate with. Sure, if you want it to be you.”

“It was pretty fun,’ the model further. “At one point, we were much more comfortable with the counting. There were four women around me. One of them jumped at the three, suddenly to the seven. She couldn’t count to ten in English, haha. Dave (Witschges fiance, eds.), mandatory to dress in a crazy for a long doktersjas flip-flops, and I got the giggles from it.”

Witschge, tells how the sisters during child birth, suddenly and a braid in her hair put in and how much of a pain was when the drain of the ruggenprik her back turned to him. “The doctor called out,” come on, Come on, ten more minutes to push.'” Her son was subsequently born to the loud sounds of a Disney-esque tune, which, suddenly, the speakers blaring. Seems to be common too.”

“They looked at me as if I were a mishandelaar was

Also, after the baby was found in South Korea is different than in the Netherlands. “In South Korea, women will only be at 21 days was discharged from the hospital, and they have 100 days to take time off to rest and keep the baby. I thought, after five days, I’m going to spend a boodschapje get to Rio.”

“They thought it was nothing, but out on the streets. I was at a point of interest. There were pictures of us, ” God, what a little baby.’ I just have to keep going, but each time, when they heard how young he was, they looked at me as if I am one or the other of mishandelaar it was. “What? The baby is two weeks old? You mean the one máánden?’ If I have my head shake, I was given a disapproving look.”

Witschge, moved up in January, with defender Dave Bulthuis from South Korea for his career. It’s set up, it was there, on 3 June, the parents of their first child.

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