Jim Henson invented The Muppets, his son let them cum

Or how director Brian Henson the inheritance from his father to soap helps.

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The facts

From 22 August, The Happytime Murders in the halls, a comedy thriller with Melissa McCarthy and 125 muppets in the lead role. Indeed, those of sesame street and The Muppet Show. Your children will let you this time better at home. The Happytime Murders is a muppetfilm for adults and was directed by Brian Henson. His father, Jim you may know as the spiritual father of the real muppets. Brian opts for a slightly different approach to that dear father, who most likely already in his grave at the turn around. The trailer predicts not much good.

In The Happytime Murders, life, people and muppets, but muppets as inferior considered. When suddenly the cuddly actors of a tv series from the eighties (subtle nod of the creators) for a nerve to be murdered, start muppetdetective Phil together with his human colleague Connie (Melissa McCarthy), a study them to the depths of the dark muppetwereld. The lovable muppets that you nostalgic do you look back on your childhood appear to be behind the scenes of serious assholes who are only too happy to surrender to sex, drugs and violence. ‘No Sesame. All street,’ warns the tagline already.

The film was ten years ago already announced and explained since then a bumpy trail. The rights were passed from company to company. Cameron Diaz, Katherine Heigl and Jamie Foxx passed on the negotiating table for a role. And then there was the complaint from sesame street itself. Bert, Ernie and co. could not to laugh that they were associated with a grove, not exactly child-friendly action movie. Brian Henson, meantime, did its utmost to make the film to defend. ‘You might think it’s going to be a shock comedy with muppets, but in reality it is a very compelling story. The characters are very deep and well developed.’

The trailer includes a muppet that ten seconds to ejaculate. All the understanding for the sons who want to rebel against their father, but seriously: ejaculerende muppets?

The highlights from the trailer 00:22

A muppetjunkie proposes to Melissa McCarthy’s ‘dick to sucken’ for 50 cents.


Two muppethoertjes propose to Melissa McCarthy to spoil.


A muppet kick a man full in the balls in an abandoned underground car park.


A muppet gets to stick with someone from the FBI and says: “is that actually for? Fucking Big Idiot?’


A muppet forces Melissa McCarthy a line to ECSTASY, to snort.


A muppet has kantoorseks with his secretary, and he a stranger, slagroomachtige substance ejaculates.


We remain perplexed.

The trivia

– The scenario came from the pen of Todd Berger. Who currently has a film version of Where’s Wally? walk. Probably in prison, dead or at the hookers, like that movie just as compelling as The Happytime Murders.

– Originally there would be a scene with a singing penis in the film. A joke that even Brian Henson went too far.

– The character of Melissa McCarthy is addicted to esdoornsiroop. The whole film long carries a supply with him. According to McCarthy, it is both an ode to the syrup as a warning to the address of the Canadians. Still a little morality in the film.

– Brian Henson told us during an interview that the muppets have always been a bit naughty. “It was never explicit, but everyone knew that Kermit sometimes dirty mind, and Piggy at all.’ If you want backgrounds to do with your child-like innocence: there is a Kermit-and-Piggy-porn found on the internet.

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