JetBlue passenger with a pet opossum, he kicked off flight: ‘very Frustrating, not to believe.”

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A California man is claiming that he was unfairly booted from a recent flight on JetBlue, about his pet opossum after the airline’s employees, reversed an earlier promise and said that the little marsupial was unable to travel with him for the second leg of the journey.

Gerald Tautenhahn says he’s received permission from both the Department of Transportation and the JetBlue flight with the “great” opossum Zatara in for a visit to his mother’s for the Thanksgiving holiday, jetting from the Golden State (sxsw) in Austin, Texas. no problem.


“We are doing all of your homework about a month ahead of time. I was called to the Ministry of Transport and cleared them for you. Cleared up with JetBlue, they said it was fine,” Tautenhahn, told Fox 7.

The trouble started on the return journey, however, if you have a sedentary Tautenhahn, was approached by a JetBlue crew member and informed about the fact that Zatara was not to be allowed on the flight.

It’s to get on the plane and sit in the chair, and one of the crew members came up and said, ” Hey, can I speak with you outside?'” as he remembered it. “They said, ‘Hey, if you can get her out of here, or you can stay with her, but she may not be able to fly.’ The feeling was amazing, it was very frustrating, not to believe, because they allow me to come with her, but now I can’t go back to her.”


According to the New York Post, Tautenhahn had no problem flying with the opossum for the first leg of the journey, such as JetBlue’s staff members told him that the hat was nice in the cabin as long as they’re in an approved carrier that will fit under the seat.”

Jetblue Aircraft taxis after landing at O’hare Airport in Chicago. JetBlue is an American low-cost airline, with 5.4 billion in revenues in 2013.

He took Zatara, the carrier’s check-in counter in Texas, and the employees even asked if he could hold her,” he stated.

On the way back to the west coast, Tautenhahn suspect that Zatara caught the attention of the possum grows older and took her out of the carrier and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security checkpoint, where they need to be removed, according to the Post.

As a result of the mix-up, Tautenhahn got stuck in Austin, texas, for a period of four days, and finally booked a new flight with United Airlines.

Tautenhahn, it is allowed that, although he “didn’t want to be in the United, about Zatara,” the United flight attendants “, not even for free. He also has a story about their trip back to Zatara’s Instagram.


When reached for comment on their pets, JetBlue, offered the following statement on the story:

“JetBlue gladly accepts small cats and dogs only, any approved pet carrier. To meet the customers ‘ journey, and have our crew in Austin, texas, and was a witness for the opossum to come out of the carrier and saw that it was not a dog or a cat,” a spokesperson told Fox 7. “The crew is aware of the needs of its clients, the opossum would not be able to travel on the flight, and the work has been done to assist the client with its options.”

According to the outlet, representatives of the TSA and Austin-Bergstrom International Airport stated that opossums are not banned from air travel by federal, state, and local levels, the detail of which carriers are allowed to set their own pet policies.

The representatives of the TSA and JetBlue, were not immediately available to provide further comment.

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