JetBlue employee is suing the airline, a co-worker after an alleged sexual assault in a hotel: report

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As a JetBlue employee is suing both the carrier and a co-worker, claiming that the airline didn’t do anything after that, she said that she was sexually assaulted by 2019.

JetBlue has declined to comment on the lawsuit, but said it will take charges of “violent, inappropriate behavior very seriously,” a statement shared with Fox News.

The woman, who, like Jane Doe in the complaint, obtained by WNBC, says that she and a co-worker, who, like Steven Tenorio, had to work a flight to San Francisco, california, in February 2019, and plans to meet up after work with a few of the other employees.


That night, the two were waiting for a third party, a co-worker in their lobby of their hotel, during which time, Tenorio tried to give his head to take the breast in an inappropriate manner, WNBC reported. Do being questioned for his actions, but Tenorio has allegedly removed the top of his head. They came up with their co-workers, and went out for the night.

As a JetBlue employee, and that employee is only as Jane Doe in court documents, claims she was assaulted by a member of staff in the month of February. 2019.

Upon returning to the hotel, the group met up with the other employees, as well as the four sat in the lobby until 4 o’clock the next morning, at which time they decided to go back to their hotel rooms, according to the court documents, as quoted by WNBC. Doe notes, however, that once you are in the elevator, Tenorio pressed against her, and said aloud, “They don’t know that they’re going to go to my room this evening. We’re going to have some fun.”


Once in Tenorio to the ground, Don says that he did take her out of the elevator, and carried her down the hall. She claimed that she scratched his neck in order to get away from him and back to her room, leaving the fingernail marks he’d try to hide it with a scarf for the flight.

On that day, she told me that one of her co-workers about Tenorio’s alleged conduct, leads to the person who has to confront Tenorio, who responded by saying, ” Oh, no, no, I was just playing with her. Did she think I was trying to rape her?'”

Doe asserts that she also reported the man’s conduct to her superiors. An investigation has been launched, ” she said, but JetBlue does not end Tenorio, employment, and even after it was allegedly explained to her that they supported the attack. Do, ” she said, and was told that they just have to try to avoid the Tenorio from then on.


In a statement shared with Fox News, JetBlue declined to comment on the lawsuit.

“We can’t comment on a pending legal case, JetBlue is taking allegations of violent or inappropriate behaviour very seriously and will investigate such claims thoroughly. We are working on the creation of a respectful work environment for our employees, where they feel welcome and safe,” the airline stated.

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