Jet2 passengers evacuated from plane after mid-air bomb threat’

The police searched the Jet2 plane and found a drawing of a bomb in a toilet.

British passengers were last night evacuated from a plane at Prague airport after a mid-air bomb threat”.

The captain told bang holidaymakers a “threatening note” was found on the plane and passengers were held for four hours.

The police searched the Jet2 plane and found a drawing of a bomb in a toilet.

Passenger Man Garson on board the aircraft in Manchester, and said an air-hostess was “terrified” when she told everyone to leave the plane “as soon as possible.”

He said: “Bomb threat on the plane as soon as we landed in Prague. Air hostess-sounding terrified on the tannoy telling everyone to leave the aircraft as quickly as possible.

“Five hours later we finally got our luggage and leave the airport.”

Truck driver Sam Paxton, 35, told The Sun the captain told passengers about the incident shortly after landing at 6 pm.

He said: “I heard the flight attendant say that they had noticed in the toilets. There was a note and it was something to do with a bomb is on board.

“We were taken off the flight and had to leave all our coats and bags must be searched.

“I know at one point, the police control of CABLE tv of the plane, but I saw no one being arrested.”

Co-passenger Beth Parkinson, 26, said toilet area at the front of the Jet2 plane was closed for about 30 minutes before the plane landed.

She told the Manchester Evening News, “as soon as we landed the captain said: someone had a threatening note in a bathroom and we were not moving and everything had to be on the plane.

“We don’t know what the threat was. And we still have not been told anything.

“At the minute we are just waiting to collect our bags. They have all the luggage from the plane and the police have interviewed us one by one, while we’re waiting.”

The Airport of prague, confirmed by the local police “control of the airport because of a possible bomb threat” and added that “all the hand luggage had to be checked.

In a tweet, officials from the busy airport said: “@PolicieCZ control of the aircraft by a potential bomb threat.

“At the time that all hand luggage must be checked, the estimated time is after 10 pm. Please contact the settlement workers at the site for further information. Thank you.”

The airport added, “Update: All checks have been carried out with negative results.

“The flight back to Manchester will be operated by the back-up aircraft around midnight. Departing INDIVIDUALS should contact their handling agents at the gate for more info.”

A Jet2 spokesman said: “the Czech Authorities were called to perform safety checks on one of our planes in Prague yesterday, with a warning.

“The aircraft is released to return to the service as a result of these checks. We apologize to customers for any inconvenience caused, but the safety and well-being of everyone on board will always be our number one priority.”

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