Jesse Klaver will find that controversial documentaries as well as his ‘bad side’ shows

Jesse Klaver will find that controversial documentaries as well as his ‘bad side’ shows

The much talked about documentary about GroenLinks-leader Jesse Clover contains indeed also “my bad side”, Clover itself. The film shows according to Clover may not be political errors, but left to see his neighbor on the second plan hit.

Clover responded in the television program home cooked apple pie on the criticism that the documentary, which was shot by a campagnemedewerker, Joey Bing, he would portray as a saint.

To create the appearance of partiality, to avoid decided to broadcaster BNN-VARA, that the film would be broadcast, of them eventually. The producer bought the rights and is showing the documentary in the coming time in cinemas and theatres.

“If there is anything I painful find and what my bad side is the that” was referring Clover to a scene in which he and his mother greeted but in the meantime, with his head in the campaign. Clovers mother died a month and a half later, in the middle of the elections in which her son was immersed.

Of course

“I have far too many as a matter of course that there is,” said Clover. He was to his own words, “always busy with that political project”. “I had rather that ten moments in had been where I have a debate prepared that goes bad or something not good then do this.”

Documentary filmmaker Joey Bing, who during the election campaign beeldvoerder was for GroenLinks, will find that it is in the film restless as Clovers “boundless ambition” comes into the picture. “That goes too far sometimes.”

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