Jesse Klaver has style not copied from Canadian prime minister

Jesse Klaver has style not copied from Canadian prime minister

According to both supporters and critics would Jesse Klaver of his clothing have copied from the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, but the leader of the greenleft y denies this.

Trudeau appears in public often somewhat casually dressed, often in a white blouse with draped sleeves. Also Clover dresses are often that way, but a copy is, according to the young politician, no question.

“As I campaign run, should the sleeves be rolled up. So: let’s go for it!”, light the 30-year-old Clover in conversation with Free the Netherlands.

“But that is not new. So I do that for years. That Trudeau is also so dressed, is purely coincidental.”

Questions about his appearance resembles Clover, anyway, not really interesting: “Well, what should I about my appearance to say? I am who I am.”


In the interview with the new monthly magazine says Clover that politics in general and the upcoming elections in march, a heavy burden on his family life pull.

“I thoroughly enjoy the fractieleiderschap. But even when I’m with my two small children to the park or to the forest go, speak to complete strangers to me. And the phone can never. That’s sucks.”


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