Jersey City is a pretty strong associated with the previous deaths, ‘cutting-edge’ pipe bomb to be found in the market, the researchers say

to connectVideoOfficials offer a time line of the Jersey City shootout, the identification of the shooter and the victims

Authorities will hold a press conference on the investigation into the shooting death in a Jersey City grocery store.

With multiple weapons, and a “sophisticated” pipe bomb, were recovered from the scene of Tuesday’s deadly shooting in Jersey City, N. J., officials announced at a press conference on Wednesday.

The New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal said that the two suspects, identified as David N. Anderson, 47, and the She She’s, 50’s, may well have been a twin killing in the nearby Bayonne, N. J.

The police carried out a forensic search of the vehicle runs, and She used to be the Jewish grocery store where she allegedly shot the three civilians, the FBI Newark Special Agent In Charge Gregory Ehrie said.


“They were looking into that, along with the other items that I am not going to explain, by way of a pipe bomb — an improvised explosive device,” Ehrie said. “What I mean to say is that it was examined in the FBI lab right now. It was a viable device, which means that it’s a device that might have exploded.”

He added that the pipe bomb was “not complicated at all, but in a more advanced, in terms of time and effort into making it.”


The shootout left six people dead, including the shooter, and three by-standers, and a New Jersey Police Detective Joseph Seals, who was shot in the head and the upper arm in a Jersey City cemetery, and before the defendants took over the kosher grocery store.

Officials had revealed late on Tuesday that it was “targeted,” but Grewal said on Wednesday that its investigators were not prepared to acknowledge that the motive behind the incident.

However, Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop tweeted, “on the Basis of the initial investigation (which is ongoing), we now believe that the active shooters, aiming at the place where they are to be attacked. As a result of an excess of caution by the community, additional police resources in the days and weeks ahead. We do not have any indication of any further threat.”

He didn’t want to just clarify, though, as the incident was being investigated as an anti-Semitic hate crime, sparking a call for more information.

On Wednesday afternoon, he tweeted: “We do not need to parse the words. In order to stop hate + anti-semitism, and we need it FAST for what it is. Some of you will say that to call it anti-semitism or a hate crime to be a long review, but of Jewish self + is the grandson of holocaust survivors, I know well enough to call it what it is.”

Officials have identified the people killed in the market as well as Up-and Ferencz, 31; Miguel, Douglas, 49; and Moshe Deutsch, the 24.


Separately, the New York Times reported that one of the suspects, mr. Anderson was associated with the Black Hebrew Israelite movement, a militant group whose members believe they are descended from the ancient Israelites.

Anderson also had a social media page with anti-Jewish and anti-police comments.

Fox News’ Maria Paronich contributed to this report.

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