Jerry Springer chimes in the reports “The Jerry Springer Show’ is ending

Jerry Springer discusses the reports “The Jerry Springer Show” is at an end.

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“The Jerry Springer Show” will not be anywhere anytime soon.

Jerry Springer spoke with ET’s Kevin Frazier on Monday about the fate of his program in the midst of rumors that maybe it was cancelled. The 74-year-old host was eager to set the record straight about the series, which celebrates its 27th year on the air and is moved to The CW this fall.

The seemingly tireless artists said that they technically stopped production, but there are “dozens” of new episodes that are broadcast, that is to say, it is not cancelled in the strict sense.

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“A deal has been made with The CW, and thus our show will be in most of cities, towns two times per day,” he explained. “It will be mostly of the shows that we have done, so every once in a while you’ll see, let see where I look a lot younger.”

If that makes the fans a little nervous, at ease. Springer insists the show will be about for some time — and training is not out of the question.

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“The show as I understand it will be at least another two or three years and then they will, if it still continues to rate well, then they will do a little more,” he said.

Springer also hinted that he was talking about other companies, but nothing concrete is, adding that he can’t see himself maintaining his “Springer Show” pace.

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“Other people have come and talked about a possible tv projects, but I don’t know that I can maintain this schedule… it is insane for all those years,” he said.

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