Jeroen van Koningsbrugge had a shorter temper when recording Riphagen

Jeroen van Koningsbrugge had a shorter temper when recording Riphagen

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Jeroen van Koningsbrugge commented during the filming of the war film Riphagen that he is outside the set of a shorter temper.

“During arguments with my wife, I said things that I thought I would never say,” says the 43-year-old actor in conversation with “The idea shocked me.”

The film tells about the life of Jodenjager Andries Riphagen (played by Van Koningsbrugge), who in the Second world War immeasurably rich with the detection, testing, and betrayed Jewish people in hiding. He own and is untouchable to the young policeman Jan van Liempd (Kay Greidanus) the hunting of him opened.

“During the listing period, I had such a different way of reacting, that I took home. I felt the role really”, says Van Koningsbrugge. “So it was not so that I that role very missed when it all was over.”

Jeroen van Koningsbrugge plays the war criminal in new film Riphagen

Lie awake

For the actor, however, it was difficult to get in the role as Jodenjager to come. “I spent the first couple of nights literally waking up located. I was constantly thinking about it. It was also difficult, because Riphagen a person who was constantly contradicted. His work was ashamed of himself for anything, but at home. He was the dear husband and father.”

Although the role of him and heavily fell, love Koningsbrugge fine feelings about the recognition period. “It was a huge challenge. It was crazy enough, one of the most fun roles to play, because it is one that you can’t just do. I had difficulties with because under your skin sat down, but that was just the most interesting.”

Cat and mouse

Riphagen tells the story of the Jodenjager, but also about the battle between the Dutchman and the police Van Liempd. The character of Greidanus is however devised. “We didn’t want the viewer for two hours to Riphagen would look,” explains director Pieter Kuijpers. “Therefore, we have Van Liempd devised.”

“You want the film to be bearable. We thought: if we are a hunter going to bet, it is exciting. And I expect that people will also secretly going to hope that Riphagen not get caught,” concludes Van Koningsbrugge.

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