Jeroen Krabbé will find Van Gogh a lot aaibaarder’ than Picasso

Jeroen Krabbé will find Van Gogh a lot aaibaarder’ than Picasso

Jeroen Krabbé will find Vincent van Gogh a lot of aaibaarder than Pablo Picasso. There he was behind during his quest through the life of Picasso for his new program Krabbé looking for Picasso.

“Van Gogh has a part of thousands of that is missing in Picasso. He also has a cuddly, but much less”, this is how it looks Krabbé back on his research into the life of the famous Spanish artist. Previously, he has also been a programme about Van Gogh.

“If you say: Van Gogh, sunflowers, cut off ear and you put a violin under; then, everyone is already to sob,” continues Krabbé. “Picasso, that is completely different.”

Michael Jackson

According to Krabbé include both artists in the same category in terms of fame, but they are furthermore hardly to compare. “Both Michael Jacksons of the painting, so famous. But Van Gogh has but ten years and painted in his life and has made himself by his head shot. Picasso has 92 years lived and a lot of others have committed suicide to have him committed. He is an exceptional category.”

Picasso was also a cowardly man, thus Krabbé. “I discovered that he has friendships with feet joined and made people drop dead when he no longer had.”

Krabbé looking for Picasso is on the 26th of January for the first time to see. The series has eight episodes, which Krabbé among others, by France, Spain and Italy travels.

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