Jeroen Krabbé discovered nasty side Pablo Picasso

Jeroen Krabbé discovered nasty side Pablo Picasso

During his research on Pablo Picasso for a new season Krabbé looking for… had to Jeroen Krabbé determine that the famous painter, not a good person.

“What I find disappointing, is that Picasso such a terribly unpleasant man.” Not only was the painter often infidelity, he arranged for his friends to fall or did he betrayal. Nevertheless overcame for Krabbé’s fascination for the artist and his work. Krabbé: “Then I thought:” Yes, but you’re a great genius.'”

The program is a sequel to the series Krabbé looking for Van Gogh. After the making of this series asked Krabbé himself, “what a man really should after Van Gogh”.

Pablo Picasso seemed to him a worthy successor to a new series, because the painter, according to him, “just like Van Gogh an important period in the history of art covered, and there is also influence”.


What Krabbé, himself also an artist, inspiring to both painters is their “boundless imagination”. According to him, is at the painters, anything is possible. “Van Gogh of two old shoes still have a beautiful painting.”

Although the idea of Krabbé looking for Picasso is similar, different is the effect of both series. In search of Van Gogh were painters as a starting point from which the art of the Dutch master tried to emulate. Because Van Gogh many painted outdoors, they could be taken to these places and talk about.

When Picasso was that, according to Krabbé an “overly complicated story”. Therefore, he chose to be in every episode of the eight-part series a woman, central to which for Picasso was important. “If he, for example, a new mistress had not only changed his home and friends, but also the style in which he painted.”

In this way, it wants Krabbé Picasso as well as possible in the screen, and explain. He himself has a year long hours and sit down and read about Picasso as well as possible in the paint job.

Krabbé looking for Picasso is Thursday nights at 20.25 hours on NPO 2.

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