Jennifer Saunders thinks people are too politically correct

Jennifer Saunders thinks people are too politically correct

The society is too politically correct has become, Jennifer Saunders. She closes out her popular series Absolutely Fabulous ever return.

That said, the figurehead of the series Absolutely Fabulous during a special meeting due to the 25th anniversary of the popular series.

In Absolutely Fabulous, played Saunders, the socialite Edina Monsoon. In the nineties, the show was a kijkcijferhit in large parts of the world. “People are now politically correct. The show would now no longer strike,” said Saunders, who last year, a film made of the series.

“You will not get away with it. Even the play of someone who is politically incorrect is already seen as a politically incorrect act,” said Saunders. “The people are very quickly scorched,” adds Joanna Lumley, Patsy Stone played, to. “That makes the world hard and grim. It is now much harder to get something to parody.”

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