Jennifer Lawrence would have to move due to environmental pollution

Jennifer Lawrence would have to move due to environmental pollution

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Jennifer Lawrence would consider the space to move as the environmental problems worsen. The actress is worried about the nature and the effects of pollution on health.

In conversation with in Berlin tells the actress that she can move, however, would never do on her own. “The idea of traveling alone allows me only not: by the time you arrive, everyone you knew died. But if I have my family, a few friends and of course my dog could take, I would definitely consider it.”

The actress plays along with Chris Pratt in the new movie Passengers. Because of a “crowded and overpriced” planet earth decisions several earthlings to a new planet to move to.

Pratt also sees reason for such a journey to consider. “Recent figures show that a large part of the wildlife no longer exists. In the last ten years, out of my head a third of all wild animals extinct. The sea, the savanna, the amazon are all places where less and less kinds of animals. If the worse is, I would want to move to a place where many wild animals live.”

For the move to the earthlings on a journey of 120 years, where it is intended that all of the passengers on the majority of the trip sleeping. The characters of Pratt and Lawrence are, however, ninety years to wake up early and need to find out why that is.

Chris Pratt can’t do without pizza during space flight


The characters of the two actors in the film are far from what they have previously done. Lawrence was previously shown as a fighter Katniss in The Hunger Games and housewife in American Hustle, while Pratt funnyman Andy Dwyer starred in the series Parks and Recreation and soon for the second time in the role of superhero Peter Quill/Star-Lord goes to Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

Lawrence says choosing which variety to her cv: “I want to understand that my rolls are not too much in common with each other. You want to yourself, always challenge and do something new. Something people are surprised, what you are surprised. You want people to be able to show that there are several things you can. Variety is very important. Power is, however, something I always look for in my characters.”

The characters of Pratt, according to the 37-year-old actor all have in common that they are “extremely handsome”. “No kidding. I know it is actually not so. I think that in all of my characters have something of myself. That’s very natural. I don’t know if that purpose is. All I might need to do so.”


If the actors like their characters are real to space to move, they know very well what they, in addition to friends and family, anyway you could take. “Pippi’s (the dog from Lawrence, ed.) collar. So it seems as if they are a bow tie wearing,” says Lawrence.

“That would indeed be quite useful. People say: everyone is dead but you have the collar of your dog! What useful!!”, laughs Pratt. “I would be a pizza pepperoni take. With everything on it.”

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