Jelka van Houten are in doubt, after its own investigation, to the care of women

Jelka van Houten place, as she had been doing some research on the presentation of The Leaders Female, to question the healthcare that the women receive.

“I’m a zorgpremieslurper,” said the 41-year-old Wood in the interview with the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant. “I am the sort of person who just needs a lot of contact with the health system, which, throughout her life, and all of the medication is given. Which I now think is true?”

Of the Wood read for the role in The Leaders Female, who, after six editions, with the male cast on the themes of temptation and greed, and now, for the first time, it is performed by women only. They found that women indeed have a three year longer life expectancy than men, on average, five years to be spent in poor health.

“Statistically, we are, therefore, more likely to get sick”, comes From Wood any further. “But it’s a woman thing, or have women in the things administered to them, not at all, suitable? We had read that there was a very long time, barely, or not enough research has been done on a woman’s body. This is a monetary commandment-it. A mannenlijf lend itself to easy study, because it is not subject to the hormoonschommelingen. We will have a better focus, because it is less stable. Thus, it has been decided: we’re going to the men’s test. Point.”

‘The medical world is, of course, was a long-time male bastion’

“In the medical world, of course, was a long time a male bastion. The men settled in the areas of research,” said Wood. “It may be, but if it is really for a male gaze on a fixation of their own sex. Example: I have a lot of abdominal surgery had a where I am physically, literally, am, cm in diameter as a man’s. By the square, so to speak. However, I do have hips, so I have to be here, there’s a kind of coupnaden, which is not at all good and the skin is really weird.”

The Leaders Female, starts From the Wood of her monologue, with a reference to the Swallow, and Choke on, with the Leaders showing off in 2016. It was said that it was strange that men of the same zorgpremie pay for as well as women, while the latter is a lot more care and enjoy it. Wood: “The question that should be asked is: why? Why is it that women in this situation? I have found that I really got into.”

The Leaders, Female is on the 6th of november, in the premiere. A major theme of the show is the health care system. The tour of the show, lasting until the 28th of February.

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