Jeffrey Epstein had a painting of a girl with a big cat in the state of New Mexico house, is the last of the odd art to reveal the

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Jeffrey Epstein had a painting of a young girl of indeterminate age with a large cat, at his New Mexico home in the last, the odd revelation of art.

A strange and often gruesome details continue to surface in the aftermath of an accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide, giving a glimpse of the twisted extravaganza, that was one of the key elements of his life, right down to the art form that he has chosen to put on the walls.

The latest revelation comes as a huge painting in which a young woman of indeterminate age, wearing a wedding ring, and cuddle next to a roaring big cat. Take a photo of the art work created by a contractor who was working for Epstein expanses of the New Mexico house of in 2013, with the sole purpose of Fox News. The contractor requested anonymity in order to speak freely. (The contractor said that the animal was a tiger, though it doesn’t seem to be a streak.)

“It was huge, at least 5, 5, 6-by-6 – in the big house at the bottom of the stairs, in the basement, near the laundry room,” the contractor told Fox News that the bizarre paintings of Epstein’s Zorro Ranch in Stanley, N. M. “We talked about how scary it was, this is a strange work, with nothing else around it. From the moment you get there, you could feel the awkward atmosphere.

The big cat, canvas is just the latest eyebrow-raising item in order to get out of the disgraced financier of the art collection. Other Epstein of the houses were decorated with everything from a huge wall painting of prison yard — and Epstein, in the mid-to-frame prosthetic eyeballs, which is the human-dolls, hanging chandeliers, the human-sized chess boards with a scantily-clad figures, like something out of a cheap version of “Alice’s adventures In Wonderland” and the pictures of the naked women.

And, of course, the now infamous “Analysis: Bill” the oil painting of the former President, Bill Clinton, Epstein’s former boyfriend, who is seductive in the Oval Office, as it is mounted on a blue Monica-Lewinsky-dress.

The painting is in Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro Ranch in New Mexico
(Fox News)

According to the former Epstein, contract worker, and all the staff, the convicted sex offender’s property is subject to security controls, and ongoing monitoring, as soon as they stepped out on to the sprawling property – which is a private “Western town.”


“We had to be escorted to a truck by other employees, and, on the inside, we had to go to hospital booties on my feet, and there it was decided that we are accompanied wherever we went, and use the side entrance,” the contractor said. “Every 3 minutes someone would come up to you to keep an eye on us while we were at work.”

Zorro Ranch, one of the properties owned by a financier, Jeffrey Epstein, is to be seen in an aerial view in the vicinity of Stanley, New Mexico, united states of america, July 15, 2019 at the latest. REUTERS/Drone-Basic/Image File

The former employee also describes how to know when a “special guest” on the site — which is already heavily protected compound in overdrive.

But around the 10,000-acre location — which was studded with swimming pools, a fire station, cabins, homes, and its own international airport, hangar, and runway-which was one of the most out-of-bounds? The floors, the garage is filled with Epstein’s high-end car collection, as the employee will be listed.


Epstein committed suicide early on Aug. 10, while in prison at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, creating an instant controversy as to how such a high-profile prisoner and was in a position to have to kill himself, especially in the wake of an alleged attempt at suicide, and just a little more than two weeks.

The convicted sex offender, who was a controversial plea deal in Florida in 2008 on charges of sexual assault on a minor, and was re-arrested by the FBI on the 6th of July in New York city, this time being accused of running an underage prostitution ring, and back to the MCC, and bail was denied.

According to the New York Times report in the wake of his death, Epstein is intended for use with $17 million in the state of New Mexico property on the priming scores of the women, in a quest to find “the seed of the human race with his DNA.” As the registers have been set up in order to try and determine whether or not he is indeed the father, there is no proof of any of the Epstein descendants, have been discovered.


However, Epstein began to spend more and more time in the grand state of New Mexico continued after his 2008 conviction — that can be a convenient choice, as it is the only state in which he was required to register as a sex offender.

Jeffrey Epstein’s photo on the Florida sex offender database.

Zorro Ranch, the only U.S. property, which includes up to the end of the pedophiles who have not been assaulted, CBS News reported on Thursday.

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