Jayme Closs kidnapping: the Police are investigating the mystery of the motive behind the suspect of the kidnapping of a teenager

connectVideo13-year-old Jayme Closs found alive after missing three months with the suspect in custody, Closs reunited with family

Closs has been reunited with her family after her kidnapping and the murder of her parents; Barron area school district administrator Diane Tremblay and Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald to discuss the actual details of the case and what they do moving forward.

There is little known about the 21-year-old man accused of kidnapping Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs as the investigation is ongoing.

Jake Thomas Patterson, of Gordon, Wisconsin, was Thursday arrested on murder and kidnapping charges. His first hearing is scheduled for Monday, and records showed that he was not an attorney.

On Thursday, authorities announced Closs, 13, who disappeared in October, was found alive. She disappeared on Oct. 15 after her parents – James Closs, 56, and Denise Closs, 46, were shot to death in their home in Barron County.


Closs was able to escape out of a cab for the mark along a person walking a dog in Gordon and to ask for help.

Patterson was driving in his car when he was arrested Thursday, Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said at a press conference. He surrendered peacefully, authorities said.


The research suggests that the defendant did not know all the family members in the Closs house, nor should he contact with them, but allegedly went there with the purpose of the kidnapping of the teenager, Fitzgerald said.

In addition, the government “does not believe that there is a social media-connection” between Closs and Patterson, and are trying to figure out ‘ how he became aware of Jayme,” Fitzgerald said.

There is not much known about the suspect who seemed to be silent. Patterson took measures such as the shaving of his head to the front to prevent that evidence at the scene, the sheriff said. A shotgun was recovered from the house where Jayme was supposed to be held, according to Fitzgerald.

Property records show that the cabin belonged to Patterson’s father at the time of Jayme’s disappearance.


Patterson had no criminal record and is a graduate in 2015 Northwood High School, where he was on the quiz bowl and was a good student with a great group of friends,” District Superintendent Jean Serum said.

Patterson was unemployed at the time of his arrest, but worked a single day in 2016 on the same Jennie-O turkey plant in Barron as Closs to the parents.

After his arrest, Patterson’s family, including his mother and brother, “shutting down their social media accounts,” the Star Tribune reported.


Residents who knew Patterson described him as quiet. Patricia Osborne told the Star Tribune that the suspect had gotten in trouble for.

“They have stolen stuff before. They are in a foster home,” Osborne said. “And the father, I think, I don’t know. I have met him and talked to him when I walked through the neighborhood, but that is about all I know.”

A former classmate, who was not named, said Patterson kept mostly to himself and was quiet for a moment.

“He was just quiet, too quiet, which explains why he had no friends,” she said.

Jennifer Smith and Jayme Closs are all smiles after the teen was found on Thursday, Jan. 10, 2019.
(Jennifer Smith, via AP)

The suspect’s parents divorced in 2007, the media outlet reported, quoting court documents.

Neighbor Daphne Ronning told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, that Patterson’s parents moved to Gordon about 15 years ago. She said that his parents moved, but the defendant and his brothers continued use of the property. She said that she did not know Patterson lives in the house and had not seen Closs.

The authorities said that they believed Closs was Patterson’s “only focus”, and was against her will.

Closs was reunited with her aunt and the rest of her family. A picture circulated around social media of Closs smiling next to her aunt, Jennifer Smith.

Fox News’ Elizabeth Zwirz and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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