Javier Guzman satisfied about year-old conference

Javier Guzman satisfied about year-old conference

Javier Guzman is pleased with his year-old conference. The show makes him proud. Sin(r) Intentions Saturday, RTL 4 broadcast. “It was an honor to do,” says the comedian.

At the beginning of the year, it was Javier a text message from the highest boss of RTL with the question of whether he the year-old conference wanted to do. “I sent a J back with at the back a whole bunch of a’s,” he told.

There happened a lot in 2016. The elections in the United States for Guzman, however, an all-time low. “I ask the audience if they are already out of their mouth can get: president Trump,” says Guzman. He saw the victory of Trump also coming. “If you all are racist and offensive crap forget, is that victory is not so surprising. He has just been properly addressed. But Trump as the new president of America is madness. Something you wouldn’t think up. It stops your mind.”

Guzman takes no sheet before the mouth, on the stage. “And if you are good at the conference listening, there is no one group who is offended, who do not deserve,” he says. “Terrorists deserve also to be ridiculed.” The comedian says, not bothered to feel for his opinion to ventilate.

Wim Can

The conference was just before christmas included in the DeLaMar Theater in Amsterdam, the place where his great example, Wim May also be famous oudejaarsconferences did. In the show there are a few references to Can. As was Guzman, the texts by an artist in mind. Can let his texts also unsubscribe and put the large sheets in front of him on the stage. The comedian is even wearing for the occasion, a tuxedo, just like Can. “But during the show is the jacket.”

Wim kan is the main source of inspiration for Guzman. “When we lived in the Netherlands, we had a plate of his conference from 1982. I’ve worn out from playing,” he says. Guzman listened, together with his mother to the plate. That explained what Can be referred to. “So I learned the Netherlands and I came in touch with theatre.” The comedian is also proud that he is now a year-old conference to do so. “It is which I for years have dreamed.”

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