Jason Derulo accused airline of discrimination

Jason Derulo accused airline of discrimination

Jason Derulo accuses American Airlines of discrimination.

“I want everyone with respect is treated,” says the singer in conversation with People.

The 27-year-old singer would be at the airport of Miami have experienced difficulties with his luggage. According to Derulo, he was with his team late for the check-in and if the luggage does not take on the same flight on which they upwards. Remained one of his group in Miami behind to a following flight the other luggage to carry.

When Derulo once in the plane, he got of his friend the message that the airline $ 6,000 (more than 5600 euros) was calculated for the excess luggage. “We have not paid for, because we by our number vliegpunten a certain status is reached. It is a large sum of money and therefore had the plane turn around.”

According to American Airlines wanted to be the friend of Derulo nineteen bags check-in, while elite passengers normally three bags should be allowed to take. Finally had flight 275 to return to the gate. “A passenger refused to with the plane,” says the airline. “This passenger is rebooked to a later flight to the baggage to carry.”


According to Derulo, he is together with his friend abused by the pilot. “I found this very annoying, because he did as if we were criminals. He wanted us off the plane, while we had asked if we the plane were allowed to leave. I asked the man if he were not so condescending against me, and wanted to talk, because I am his son, am not.”

When the group leave the plane, were fifteen police officers the team to wait. “Then began another employee, against us, screaming. I do not terugschelden, but I grabbed my phone to live on Instagram,” says the singer. “Once they understand that, I was, everything changed and we were suddenly no longer in trouble.”

Police report

People reports that in a police report, a different story is sketched in. According to the report, the group would be to marijuana have smelled and behaved they are aggressive during the check-in. Also would be in the report that the group multiple times would have denied their identity cards to show.

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