Japanese Shuri castle, partly destroyed by the great fire

In the Japanese city of Naha on Thursday, a major fire broke out at the Shuri castle. In the main hall of the castle and an adjacent building were completely burned to the ground, as reported to the Japan police force.

During the fire, according to the Japanese authorities, it is not a wound in some cases. How the fire originated is not known.

Several of the images on Japanese television is clear to see that the castle has been reduced to a wooden skeleton.

It’s called Shuri castle and it was more than a hundred years ago, it was built and it served as a royal castle, and the Japanese Riukiu kingdom. The castle has been several times before being destroyed by burning. Thus, burning of the castle in 1945 during the Battle of Okinawa.

Only in 1992 a complete renovation of the grade ii listed building is complete. It was more of a G-8 summit to be held in the year 2000.


A fire destroyed the main hall of Shuri Castle in Japan


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