Japanese app warns stinking office workers

Japanese app warns stinking office workers

Photo: Konica Minolta

A Japanese techbedrijf has a smartphone app and associated device developed to warn if someone smells bad.

The Kunkun Body connects via Bluetooth with a smartphone to geurinformatie to read. The device from Thursday, sold in Japan, according to The Guardian.

By the device behind the ear to place, is scanned to substances that odor can cause. If there is a certain amount of sweat or other substances are detected, stores the paired app on your smartphone alarm.

The Kunkun Body is specifically for the Japanese market meant, because the Japanese, according to the manufacturer, are sensitive to certain smells. In Japan, the word “sumehara’ used to be smelly colleagues in the office to describe.

There are no plans yet to use the gadget outside of Japan to sell. At the moment the device is via a Japanese crowdfundingcampagne offered for 30,000 yen, converted approximately 230 euro.

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