Japan should protest against new name kuril islands by Russia

Japan should protest against new name kuril islands by Russia

Photo: AFP

Japan has official protest lodged against the decision of Russia to five uninhabited islands, of the between the two countries disputed kuril islands archipelago, new names to give.

The kuril islands consist of 56 islands and are already 72 years old, a splijtzwam between Japan and Russia, reports CNN. Russia received the archipelago is officially in the hands after the Second world War. Japan believes that, in any case, the four islands immediately to the north of the country to Japan to hear. By the dispute Japan and Russia never officially the Second world War, mutually terminated.

The decision of Russia comes two months after President Vladimir Putin and prime minister shinzo Abe met in Japan during a conference on the kuril islands. Japan is called the Russian decision of the rebranding now “extremely regrettable”.


Russia has the five islands, named after famous Russians, including a female captain and a former governor. Especially the mention of islands to general Kuzma Derevyanko and Alexei Gnechko is for Japan painful. These two generals played a large role in the surrender of Japan and the annexation of the islands by Russia.

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