Jandino Asporaat has peace in his head

Jandino Asporaat has peace in his head

Jandino Asporaat says that in spite of all the hustle and bustle around his career, quiet in his head. “The pressure that you for me see I was not in my head. Also I do only one thing at a time.”

“You can be just as busy as you want, but afterwards you will find out that you have very little have done,” says Asporaat against

According to the 36-year-old presenter it is important to plan ahead and to create space, to a busy work schedule to keep. Asporaat tours with a cabaretprogramma, appears in television programs and also presents his own shows on RTL. “People think: that guy is busy. But I do not believe that I battle need to engage with isolated older people or mothers with children at home. That we have become busier than I am, I think.”

Asporaat went in spite of his busy schedule last year in August on vacation. “Normally, I always have someone, because then I have to work and that person assists than my wife. But this time we had none with us.”

“That vacation, I my son learn to swim and I have the whole day playing games with my kids and good food,” says Asporaat. “This, just with the four of us, it was the best vacation ever. I have never had so much peace in my head.”


“I guess I am also known as a fabulous lazy person. If you give me that chance, then I’m really your best friend,” explains Asporaat.

When he was ten years ago, had no children, and no well-known Dutchman, was, he had a very different life. “In the past, we were lazy in front of the television and we went to Mora-snacks baking. Then I can also be very lazy. If the engine is running, I run very hard, but it can also be the other way around.”

The comedian this year in June again my fellow comedians Guido Weijers, Roué Verveer and Philippe Geubels in the Ziggo Dome with Gabbers, with the theme of holiday. The comedians are currently the show is preparing. “The theme of vacation is but one ‘umbrella’. So what is it going to be, it could be even on all sides. It is clear that we, as four more are going to do and live music,” said Asporaat. “In the coming weeks we are going to talk about holidays and there will undoubtedly be fun jokes.”

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