Jana Kramer, Michael Caussin call Olivia Culpo a ‘social climber’ after Danny Amendola comments

connectVideoJana Kramer explains, apologizes for comments she made about not hiring the ‘hot’ nannies

After making some comments about the not hiring of the ‘hot’ nannies due to her husband’s sex addiction, country star Jana Kramer tries to clarify parts of her comments that she feels were taken out of context. Kramer noted that she and her podcast crew were discussing the idea of not bringing temptation in a household with an attractive and flirtatious nanny. However, she acknowledged that generalising like that is wrong.

Jana Kramer’s husband, Michael Caussin, has a strong opinion about Danny Amendola and Olivia Culpo’s relationship, accusing the former Miss Universe was a “climber” after the Detroit Lions wide receiver hit her on the social media.

Earlier this month, Amendola beat Culpo for her “fishbowl lifestyle” and claimed she fought with him about not posting about her on social media enough. He Later backpedaled on his comments and that his messages, which have since been removed, were a ” miscommunication.”

Kramer and Caussin rang out on Amendola and Culpo is spread over Kramer’s “Whining Down” podcast Monday.


“Miscommunication, my a—,” Caussin griped of Amendola reactions. “He said what he said. He was drunk or just angry and typed away.”

Michael Caussin, who cheated on Jana Kramer, accused Danny Amendola ‘ s ex-girlfriend, former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, a “climber.”

“Olivia Culpo is clear that for a climber. Look at her history,” he added. “She dated Tim Tebow. She’s dated Ryan Lochte. She went to Nick Jonas. She went to Danny. Now she is talking to Zedd.”

Kramer chimed in, “We don’t have her side of the story, but I can see why you think that she is a social climber.”

Culpo and Amendola dated off and on from 2016.


Kramer and Caussin, the relationship has more than enough ups and downs for them to have a podcast full of their own drama. Caussin famous cheated on the “One Tree Hill” alum and was treated for sex addiction before they are repaired. It seems there may be lasting trauma of his infidelity, as Kramer said recently that they would not hire an attractive nanny. Later apologized for her position.

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