Jan Kooijman sells its own drama series on NPO3

Jan Kooijman has a drama series conceived and sold on NPO3. He will also be one of the leading roles in the series life. “That is a frustration born,” says the actor against

“I would like to be in more movies and tv series and on stage want to play, but you are dependent on directors and producers. In addition, I also want a time other roles to play. So then I thought: Jan, stop whining. If you want something different, you have to create it ourselves.”

The 38-year-old ” worked the idea together with producer Kaja Wolffers (Mannenharten, Black Tulip).

“We have a new writer picked up and then deposited with Suzanne Kunzeler, network manager of NPO3. She was immediately enthusiastic. Because I have a contract I have with KRO-NCRV and broadcasting the plan, they said directly: “What a great idea, we want to help.'”


In the car with Jan Kooijman: “Would join with Job Gosschalk movie”

“It’s about a serial killer’

Kooijman wanted to be one of the lead roles, a role to be able to interpret that he had not previously, offered: “I write the series itself, but do think with the storylines and the characters. We meet fortnightly at each other. It’s about a serial killer and it is a little bit dark, really cool. More can I not say.”

“It must be ten episodes and we now have three are,” continues”, which this year also has a small role in a jeugdfilm and a major role in a new romantic comedy will play. “In 2020 we want to start to run.”

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