Jan, Hope, and thirty years, to Ontbijtnieuws: “you should be happy to go to work”

For more than thirty years, Jan de Hoop (64) early in the morning and to be ready for RTL Ontbijtnieuws for the Dutch to catch up on the latest happenings and events. Wednesday, he celebrates his anniversary with a cake at work and have dinner with the man.

Are you going after all these years you still have as much fun at work?

“On the days that I have to go – it’s getting harder and harder, that get up so early – do I even have to. It runs a bit geolieder right now. In the early days was pioneering, but it is now a well-oiled machine.”

What are the moments in the history of the last thirty years, you have most of?

“That’s what they do with the less pleasant moments, such as the death of Conny Mus (de, RTL’s, died in 2010 of a heart attack, ed.). and our cameraman, Stan Storimans, (he passed away in 2008, in Georgia, eds.). That was the whole big point. A highlight of the event was, as strange as that may sound, the war in iraq. At that time, we had the RTL-Z and we were supposed to be six, seven, eight hours at a time at present. Then you have to show what you can do to live. Breaking news is always the best thing for you to do so. Some of your correspondents are in for a show and then do you have something to talk about, but it is often cooked for free.

Are there any colleagues who were just as long for the RTL to work?

“No, no, not any more. However, for almost as long, but I’m the one who gets the longest is. I have been working with Loretta Schrijver has begun. It is now and again, but it is still a while away. Irene Moors, it is approximately at the same time, but she was gone.”

How is it that you think that people will not be so for a long time with the same employer?

“Everyone wants to be constantly taking on new challenges. I may be a little bit boring in that respect. Even though the new is still a challenge every day.”

Are you going to do something special for your anniversary?

“Yes.” The best part is, I think I will tonight with my husband, out to dinner, go. Here at work we have a cup of coffee and a piece of cake.”

With a little bit of party today. I will work for exactly 30 years from the RTL. Will be a nice, Marie, kaakje.

AvatarAuteurJandeHoopMoment of plaatsen03:40 pm – August 7, 2019

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