James finds himself best ever because of title with the Cavaliers in 2016

LeBron James thinks the championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016, there has ensured that he is the best basketball player ever. The NBA legend led the club two years ago to the first title ever.

“That taught me the best player ever made. The way it feels for me. I was very, very on the title burned by the 52-year prijzendroogte of Cleveland,” says the 34-year-old James, which is since this season for the Los Angeles Lakers comes out, Monday against ESPN.

“When the emotions of all the people saw me crying like that for all the previous 52 years was in Cleveland. When I stopped crying, I had the feeling that I am the best player ever.”

James has always been compared to legend Michael Jordan, and the discussion about the best player ever has for many years been conducted. Jordan led the Chicago Bulls in the nineties to six NBA titles.

For James, the counter is at three, because he was in the 2012 and 2013 champion with the Miami Heat. The four-times ‘MVP’ of the NBA was the last eight years every year in the final with his club.

LeBron James was the 2016 champion with the Cavaliers and was also voted the ‘MVP’. ()

“Have something really special performance’

The championship with the Cavaliers two years ago, stands for the 2,03 metres long forward so, due to the large share that he had.

“Everybody was in that year that the Warriors are the best team ever had. By the way we came back, I had myself something like: “You have done something special’,” says the star.

“It was one of the rare moments in my career where I had the feeling that I have something really special had performed. I haven’t really had time to think, but that was really a special moment.”

James was by the Lakers attracted in the hope of new successes, but the club performs well, yet with varying success. After 21 victories and sixteen defeats, the team from Los Angeles on the sixth place in the Western Conference.

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