James A. Wolfe, former Senate Intel panel-security-Director, indicted for allegedly lying to FBI

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The former Senate Intel Committee security accused Director

The Ministry of justice announced that a former security director for the Senate Intelligence Committee, was indicted and accused of making false statements to FBI agents, while investigating leaks of classified information.

A former security director for the Senate Intelligence Committee-who was responsible for the maintenance of all classified information from the Executive Office-the panel-was indicted for allegedly making false statements to FBI agents are looking into possible leaks to reporters, announced the Ministry of justice, on Thursday evening.

James A. Wolfe, 58, served as panel security Director for 29 years, according to the FBI agents.

Prosecutors said Wolfe lied to the FBI in December 2017, on the contacts he had with three reporters. Prosecutors say he also lied about the two reporters to non-public information about Committee matters.

The New York Times revealed Federal investigators had seized years worth of telephone and E-Mail documents to reporter Ali Watkins.

The Prosecutor’s office comes under a trump administration crackdown on leaks of classified information.

Earlier Thursday, the New York Times revealed that Federal investigators had seized years worth of E-Mail and phone records relating to one of its reporters, Ali Watkins. You had previously added a three-year romantic relationship with Wolfe, the reported Times, that the records covered a period of time before they entered the paper.

Wolfe allegedly the FBI agents in the year of 2017, admitted that he lied to you is identified through his relationship with a reporter, in court papers as “REPORTER #2”, after he was shown the photos of the two of you together. But he claims that he does not share all of the classified information or news.

Wolfe is not charged with the disclosure of secret information.

Wolfe allegedly was the phone in contact with “REPORTER #2”, and exchanged tens of thousands of electronic communications and often on a daily basis, according to the indictment. He would also meet, in the reporter of the apartment, court papers alleged.

Wolfe had intensive contact with the Reporter about the “MALE-1,” who was allegedly identified as Carter page, a Trump campaign consultant.

Wolfe classified information received about “MALE-1” on the same day, he traded the 82-text-messages “REPORTER #2,” according to the indictment. A few weeks later, “REPORTER #2” published an online article that revealed the identity of the “MALE-1.”

On 3. April 2017, Watkins’ by-line appeared on a BuzzFeed article that revealed that the site had met with a Russian secret service operative in 2013.

Wolfe allegedly as a so-called “REPORTER #2:” almost half an hour after the story went live, and have a phone conversation for about seven minutes.

In December 2017, Wolfe allegedly news “REPORTER #2.”

“I’ve watched you take off your career, before you ever have a career in journalism. … I have always tried to give you as much information (sic) that I was able to, and do the right thing, so that you could get the scoop before anyone else. … I’ve always enjoyed the way that the track of a story would be to do as there was no one else in my hal1way (sic). I felt like I was a part of their excitement, and was always very supportive to your career and the tenacity, which issued to hunt, what is a good story,” read the message, according to the indictment.

Mark MacDougall, Watkins’ lawyer, said: “It is always strange when a journalist is a phone records by the justice Department through grand jury subpoena or other legal process. Whether it was really necessary here depends on the nature of the investigation and the scope of the charges.”

It is claimed that Wolfe was more used to contact with the reporters, such as the Signal and WhatsApp. He also met “secretly in person,” in remote areas of the Hart Senate Office Building, the indictment charges.

Wolfe is expected to make his first court appearance on Friday. It was not immediately clear if he has a lawyer. Each false statement count is punishable by up to five years in prison, if found guilty, Wolfe would.almost certainly only a fraction of the time

Fox News’ Chad Pergram, Mike Emanuel and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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