Jacksonville shooting victims remembered as talented gamers



Gaming community rocked by Jacksonville shooting

Gunman who killed two at a Madden 19 NFL tournament was well known in the professional gaming events; Phil Keating reports from Jacksonville on the response.

A father who allegedly participated in the “Madden” tournament to support his family and a former high school football player were identified as the two people killed Sunday when a crazed gunman opened fire in a gaming bar in Florida before the gun on himself.

Taylor Robertson, 27, and Eli Clayton, 22, were identified by the members of the gaming community, family members or others as the two men who were killed during the participation in the “Madden NFL 19” gaming tournament held in a bar in the Jacksonville Landing that shared space with a pizzeria.

Eli Clayton, 22, left, and Taylor Robertson, 27, right, were killed Sunday during a gaming tournament, the gaming community, and other reports mentioned.

(EA Sports)

David Katz, a 24-year-old competitor in the tournament, opened fire inside the facility, killing two and injuring, while nine others, police said. Two others were injured while fleeing the gunfire.

Katz died by a self-inflicted gunshot wound.


Although the authorities have not officially identified those killed, gaming sponsor Dot City Gaming issued a report on the identification of Robertson as one of the victims. The husband and father of a young son, went by the name “Spotme” and “SpotMePlzzz” and was a former football star at James Monroe High School in the u.s. state of West Virginia, Metro News reported.

Taylor Robertson, one of the victims in #Jacksonville shoot today, of Ballard, WV. Taylor was very close to one of my friends. The man lost his life because some psycho lost in a game of Madden and decided to kill people over. A husband and father. R. I. P Taylor.

Chad Wyrick (@ChadWyrick) August 27, 2018

“We are shocked and deeply saddened by the senseless violence in Jacksonville and the tragic death of the Dot-City Gaming member of the team, Taylor SpotMePlzzz’ Robertson, and Eli Trueboy ” Clayton,” Dot City Gaming tweeted. “They were great competitors and beloved members of the “Madden” community. Our thoughts and deepest sympathy goes out to their families, loved ones, and all those affected by this tragedy.”

According to his profile on EA Sports, Robertson had “the skill to fully take over ‘Madden’ tournament ‘ and won last season’s “Madden Classic.”

Excited to join this team! Big year ahead! ?

— Taylor Robertson (@spotmeplzzz) August 10, 2018

“It’s been a while since he won an EA is Important, but its powerful offensive talent combined with his skill in the defense makes him one of the toughest opponents in the competitive ‘Madden,'” his profile read.

Robertson, of Ballard, West Virginia, has won more than $80,000 in the prices in the head-to-head live events, his profile stated. The 27-year-old participate in the gaming tournament to earn money for his family, “Madden” member of the community, Eric Ray wrote on Twitter.

“Spotme always said that he went to these events to help and support his family. Always talked about his wife and newborn and how he wanted the money to better their lives. I am so angry now,” Eric Ray tweeted Sunday.

Calabasas High School football team in California on Sunday identified Clayton — who was known in the gaming community as “True” or “Trueboy” — as the second person killed in the gaming tournament. Clayton, of Woodland Hills, California, was a former football player in high school and recently turned 22 in June.

“Our hearts are broken as we learned that the former Calabasas footballer @True__818 (Elijah Clayton) was senselessly murdered today during the mass shooting in Florida. We send our love, compassion, and the deepest sense of sorrow to Elijah’s Family and Friends,” CHS Coyote Football tweeted.

Our hearts are broken as we learned that the former Calabasas footballer @True__818 (Elijah Clayton) was senselessly murdered today during the mass shooting in Florida. We send our love, compassion, and the deepest sense of sorrow to Elijah’s Family and Friends

— CHS Coyote Football (@CalabasasFtball) August 27, 2018

On his “Madden” profile page, Clayton was described as “always one of the best in competitive ‘Madden.'”

Do you still have work to do.

A post shared by Eli Clayton (@truesowavy) on Aug 23, 2018 at 1:27am PDT

“He is a frequent face in EA Majors, but is the victim of an early retirement. This season, were it not further than the groups stage of the Classic, not eligible for the Challenge, and was eliminated just a game in the Club Championship. Despite a rough season, Where it remains one of the best out there and can win when it’s done,” Clayton’s EA Sports profile.



Video shows moment shots in Florida gaming tournament

Clayton said in April an article about EA Sports that he’s “really easy to get along with” and not “a troublemaker.”

“I’m always laughing and joking. I’m just me, a cool dude. There is really nowhere to go, but, to be honest,” said Clayton.

Eric “Problem” Wright, a fellow competitor, tweeted that he was “crying and in so much pain” over the death of Her, “young man” who went through his ups and downs.”

Crying and in so much pain. Prayers to the families of Trueboy and Spotme. Already more than a video game. Two of our brothers are gone man and are so disturbing. One of the most tragic days ive experienced. This community is like a family. Broken.

PROBLEM (@ProblemWright) August 26, 2018

“It is not only ‘Madden,’ but in his daily life. Is he really changed for the better and to see how his life is taken from him…. for what?” Wright wrote, online. “Heartless people in this world. Love you Where. Rest in peace, my brother.”

Clayton was reportedly spotted in a video of the race which is widely distributed before Sunday. Live streaming platform Twitch, he was seen both in real life and the play of the game on the screen during the tournament as the shots went off.

Wright also remembered Robertson as a “brother” of the competitive “Madden” gaming community.

Robertson and Clayton were killed “more than a video game,” Wright said. “Two of our brothers are gone man and are so disturbing. One of the most tragic days ive [sic] experience. This community is like a family. Broken.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise money for Robertson and Clayton’s families.

The shooting took place in the heart of the city where there are a collection of restaurants and shops. Jacksonville Landing also hosts concerts and other entertainment.

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