Jackfruit: no eiwitvervanger, they are nice and plump

Jackfruit is gaining popularity, especially for people who have less meat to eat. The tropical fruit is neutral in taste and meaty in texture, and in that regard they are a great alternative to meat. Nevertheless, it is a jackfruit not a eiwitvervanger. That is, it is easy to compensate for.

“More and more people are trying to reduce our meat consumption, driven by climate change targets, and initiatives such as the National Week Without eating Meat,” says Isabel Boerdam, the founder of the foodblog of The Hip, a Vegetarian and a founder of the National Week of No Meat this week, is taking place.

The hole in the plate is filled with a meat substitute is a simple step, but it is also a pure of products, such as tofu and jackfruit are in the public interest. Jackfruit is a fruit that is native to India. Today, it grows in Asia, Africa, Latin america and north America. The fruit can be as much as 40 pounds. Especially in the unripe fruit, is very popular, and now many grocery stores, usually with a fair-trade seal of approval, in the look are available.

“Young, unripe, jackfruit has a meaty texture and a neutral taste. Because of this, you can be anything”

“A ripe jackfruit is sweet,” says Jessica, a Leak, is the author of the cookbook, Jackfruit, during the National Week of No Meat is presented. “Young, unripe, jackfruit has a meaty texture and a neutral taste. Because of this, you can be anything.”

Tips on how to prepare young jackfruit in a can:

  • First, rinse well and air dry
  • Pull apart or cut into pieces
  • For at least half an hour to marinade (wet or dry)
  • When deep-frying, baking, or make a sauce

In terms of nutritional value and are not comparable with the meat

The tannins are jackfruit, often when they are used. Jackfruit is true that are rich in vitamin C and fibre, but the nutritional value does not compare to meat substitutes). It is lower in protein and iron and no vitamin B12. The recipes in the book, is that the Leak is in co-operation with fair-trade has developed, are structured in such a way that they are, in a plant-based diet amend.

Are you going to work with the jackfruit, you can, for example, peas and beans, coconut milk, or a soft-boiled egg with your dish, add to it. Boerdam: “The nutritional value of the meat is not as complicated as it may seem. This may also be due to, for example, for lunch a piece of cake to bake, or in a hand, the nuts, the yogurt with the granola to be done.”

A sandwich with pulled jackfruit (Photo: 123F)

The possibilities are endless

Perhaps the most well-known dish made with jackfruit is the pulled jackfruit. That there is a lot more involved you can, is proving to Leak into her book. “You can be in the ground, and a source of, or as a spread on it, cut it and chop it, and bake it, or fry them like nuggets or tempura from each other, for the pasta sauce, process it in a salad, plaattaart, and kind.”

However, it is a good idea jackfruit in advance, to marinate. In a wet marinade like soy or gembersiroop. Or, as a dry marinade consisting of paprika, or korianderzaadjes. Leak: You can easily find the flavor you like. Mediterranean-style or Asian-style, are just what you are looking for, and what dish you are going to make it. A half hour of marinating is sufficient, but three hours is better.”

It is also very good with the canned jackfruit, first of all – for the marinade-so – easy to rinse out, squeeze well, and dry to make. While the rinse can be with the pieces of jackfruit advance of each picking for pulled jackfruit. The leak: “This can be done after the extraction with the aid of two forks. If you have a dish pieces is required, you can get the jackfruit the size you want to cut. The seeds, you can eat it.”

The question is how sustainable it is for jackfruit – that’s a very long way to eat it, let the fair trade knowing that the jackfruit is in full containers and travel by boat to the united kingdom, which is always given at the most efficient loading of the container. “In addition, jackfruit, packed in a tin, a container that is endlessly recyclable,” says Larissa Bergshoeff fair trade.

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