Ivanka Trump stops with her fashion brand for the sake of controversy

Ivanka Trump stops with her fashion label. The daughter of American president Donald Trump gave the leadership of the brand last year when she advisor was of her father in the White House. There had been a conflict of interest.


The daughter of Donald Trump, was already more than one year are not more active in her own fashion company, because it clashed with her role as an adviser to the president. The fashion brand had a lot of criticism and boycotts. She was by social media accused of hypocrisy because the motto of its brand, the hashtag #WomenWhoWork conflict was with the appalling situations in which her clothes were produced.

It would, however, not because of financial reasons that Ivanka, the knot would have made. However she received criticism about her function within the White House: there have been conflicts of interest.

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In addition, Ivanka many restrictions on business of her own put. The limitations are that they are not allowed to expand into the international market, the new leaders of the company had each time her consent, when deals were closed. ‘The brand was not meant to be on the spot to continue to wait, it was intended that the brand would grow”, said the spokesperson from Ivanka Trump.

Himself, she knew not whether she would ever return to the company: “I know that my focus in the near future fully is the work that I was in Washington do. Therefore, this is the only fair decision for my team and partners, ” the top advisor to Donald Trump.

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