Ivanka Trump shows you may serve in the White house, if the father is re-elected

nearvideo, Ivanka Trump said her father is ‘de-energized’

President Trump closes one of the most historic weeks of his presidency; Kristin Fisher reports from the White house.

White House adviser Ivanka Trump, the President’s oldest daughter, would not commit to serve in the White house if your father is re-elected, in the year 2020, indicating that their presence in the administration was dependent on the needs of your family.

Your comments came in an interview with “Face The Nation,” where CBS anchor Margaret Brennan Trump asked about the stay in the administration.

“I am driven primarily by my kids and their happiness is always my top priority and my decisions and always be flexible enough to ensure that their needs are taken into account in the first place. So, you have to drive really, the answer for me,” she said in an interview set to air on Sunday.

Both Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, with the support of her father’s campaigns and to have served in the President’s administration since taking office in 2017. The couple has three children-Arabella, Theodor and Josef-but everyone has made it to a major political priorities within the trump administration.


During a Fox News interview in September, Trump discussed how they worked, in front of her father the agenda on the production and job training.

“The convening function within the government is crucial,” she Fox News-Moderator Steve Hilton at the time said. “And it’s something that I-and probably also because I came from the private sector, I notice that the efficiency, the mobility, the solutions that the private sector brings to every challenge that is out there, whether it’s innovation or the creation of jobs.”

Critics have called into question their role in the administration and conservatives, in particular, the suspicion that both she and her husband secretly opposed aspects of the President’s agenda.

Trump also Brennan tells us that you humbly to serve your country in the White house.


To Wing “the day I set foot in the West and I do not feel a shiver up my spine the day I’ve been here too long,” she said. “And I still, every day, I feel a tremendous amount of experience, the humility and sense of privilege that I am able to do the work that I came to do in Washington, that the President [has] encouraged me to go.”

“And I’m just incredibly grateful to be able to give, a country which so much to me and I’ll do my best,” she added.

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