Ivanka Trump scolds NBC News for ‘inappropriate’ question to her father sex misconduct accuser

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Ivanka Trump scolds NBC News for ‘inappropriate’ question

First daughter, Ivanka Trump scolded NBC and MSNBC reporter Peter Alexander in an interview, when he asked her whether she believed that her father’s behavior, the sexual misconduct accuser.

First daughter, Ivanka Trump scolded NBC and MSNBC reporter Peter Alexander for what they view as an inappropriate question about her father’s sexual misconduct accusers in an interview from South Korea on Monday.

The first daughter sat down with Alexander, who, after a voice-over that the President has a Trump denied the allegations of sexual misconduct, asked: “do you believe that your father, his accusers?”

“I think it’s a pretty inappropriate question to ask a daughter if she thinks that the accusers of her father, when he expressly declares that there is no truth. I don’t think this is a question that you would ask, many of the other daughters,” Ivanka fired back. “I think my father, I know my father.”

“Do you think your father’s [sexual offence] prosecutors?” -@Peter Alexander

“I think it’s a pretty inappropriate question to ask a daughter if she thinks that the accusers of her father, when he expressly declares that there is no truth.” -@Ivanka trump

— TODAY (@today show) February 26, 2018

Some of the pro-Trump, viewers took to Twitter to defend the first daughter.

One viewer tweeted: “Why do you ask Ivanka Trump on the allegations of sexual misconduct against her father? What is Peter Alexander think to tell you?”

Another spectator said, “The question was coarse and rude,” while many more pondered whether or not, the Reporter would ask, Chelsea Clinton, a similar question about their father.

She’s right. You would never behavior questions Chelsea about Bill failed.

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) February 26, 2018

What people Ivanka expect to say? Yes, I think my father is a Prosecutor?

— Blake Hounshell (@Blake hounshell) February 26, 2018

Jake, you know, there is no way that you could answer. If you said no, you would scream, “Ivanka calls victims liars!”, and if you said, Yes.. well, I need to tell you how that would go. Maybe the media should stop asking trick questions.

— Inglorious-Fiction (@JarinNealy) February 26, 2018

You would not hear this kind of question asked by the Bush or Obama-daughters .

— Leslie Doiron Roch (@Roch Leslie) February 26, 2018

OMG…I would have punched that reporter in the face.

— Funkytown (@hotfunkytown) February 26, 2018

“Ivanka replied the very inflammatory & inappropriate questions from NBC’s perfect,” a spectator on Twitter. “Didn’t NBC’s wonder why the public likes you so much?

Trump has denied accusations of various forms of sexual misconduct levied against him.

Some media members have defended Alexander, as CNN’s Jake Tapper, the works, Ivanka said “for the taxpayers” and that he “tried to find out what proportion of this is inappropriate.”

Washington Post, Phillip Rücker, who is Alexander’s colleague as MNSBC and NBC News analyst, wrote that it “is not an inappropriate question”, because “Ivanka Trump has decided to work in the house as a member of staff and presidential adviser.”

While many defended Alexander ‘ s question, because the first daughter also works for her father in the administration, some industry insiders have wondered whether NBC is hypocritical, when it comes to sexual misconduct.

NBC News President Andy lack will also oversee MSNBC, and Alexander frequently appears on both networks. Last year, the lack of the fire was forced to – “Today” star Matt Lauer because of sexual misconduct allegations at the height of the #MeToo movement. Defect was not transparent about the events that led to the sudden dismissal of his close friend, as parent company, Comcast, the top HR executives to investigate who knew what to Lauer’s behavior during his long reign at NBC.

There is no public information about the investigation in its news division, which apparently, was still in progress, the three months after the ambush in front of the door. Meanwhile, still Lack a coherent explanation for why NBC News Spike Ronan Farrow’s explosive coverage of Harvey Weinstein, the Farrow finally, the renowned magazine the New Yorker took it, and now with the Pulitzer buzz for the help to suspend the disgraced Hollywood mogul, on how to be a sexual predator. A Vanity Fair feature tied together, Weinstein and Lauer scandals, quotes a former employee who said, “you were sitting in a glass house, and they knew it.”

NBCUniveral told Fox News on Monday that the internal investigation is “ongoing”, as well as the top legal and human resources executives from the company.

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