Itself fries, so do you do that

Own chips is more work than in the deep-throwing half-baked fries. But who a little patience, make your own fries. ‘Just’ at home. How? Tell experts.

Roderick Heijning, owner of three frietwinkels in Utrecht, began seven years ago in the barn of his parents to experiment with the making of French fries of all types of potatoes.

“It all starts with the right potato,” says Heijning. “We use a crumbly kind of for making French fries, that works the best. Choose large, oblong potatoes. There you can beautiful long French fries from cutting.”

“Use a potato with the right properties to baking”, advises Ingeborg Lake of a frietzaak in Zwolle. “We use the Agria, which is really the number one among frituuraardappels. But also in the supermarket they sell special frietaardappelen.”


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Do not use cold potatoes for making French fries

That potatoes must not have been cold, something that in this time of the year sometimes can occur. Heijning: “Potatoes should not be below 7 degrees. When that happens, the starch that is in them is converted into sugars. This makes the taste sweeter and turns the fries brown more quickly.”

It is difficult to determine or potatoes from the supermarket temperature are preserved. “But the grocer, you can probably tell,” says Heijning.

This is what you need for perfect fries

  • Crumbly potatoes (about 150 grams per portion)
  • Sea salt
  • Vegetable oil
  • Deep fryer or large pan (plus grilling / cooking thermometer)
  • Patience

Cut long, thin French fries

Who has the right potato has found, it can then choose to peel or not. Heijning: “In our shop remains the skin it sit. We find that better, it gives more taste to the fries. But of course that is personal. Wash potatoes well in advance. If you choose non-organic, there may still be pesticides.”

After that, the art is beautiful French fries from cutting. “Cut the potatoes into thin pieces of about 10 to 13 millimeters thick. Go out of about 150 grams per portion.”

Voorbakken, cooling, and baking

Pool can be brief about his: own at home baking chips, it is not so easy. “That has everything to do with the temperature of the oil, which should be good. Most deep fryers have such a adjustment wheel, which makes it difficult to see what temperature the oil exactly. A digital thermometer works better, but even then the temperature drops to 160 degrees when you put the cold fries in it throws. And that is too low.”

Heijning is more hopeful, however, that it takes time to make the perfect fries on the table. “Fries, you must first briefly voorbakken, then allow to cool and then searing,” he explains. “In that way they are nice and soft inside and crispy from outside.”

What brand oil you use is less important. “Use a vegetable oil to bake in. What brand makes home not so much.”


  • Heat the oil to 150 degrees and bake the fries for about five minutes
  • Let the fries cool down (in fridge or outside)
  • Preheat the oil to 175 degrees and bake the fries for three to four minutes until they are a crispy crust having
  • Sprinkle equal, after baking sea salt over it and serve immediately

Crispy fries baked in the oven according to Heijning an impossible mission, he advises, therefore, the use of a deep fryer.

The tip is to avoid too many fries at the same time to bake. Poel: “you Go home with a little deep fryer to get started, throw no more than a hand full. And love to constantly monitor the temperature in the holes.”

This agrees also Heijning: “Indeed, one portion at a time, otherwise you’ll get that crispy crust. With limp French fries.”

Bake safe and golden yellow

Finally, it recommends the Nutrition center to make sure that fries a beautiful golden yellow color. Patricia Schutte: “If you starchy products, deep fry, such as potatoes, which creates the harmful substance acrylamide. If you do too much of ingest, the substance is probably carcinogenic.”

She advises, therefore, that there is as little as possible to eat. “By fries golden yellow to baking in place of dark brown, you limit the intake of this substance.”

You bake the French fries golden by up to 175 degrees Celsius heat, small amounts in the deep-fryer and the fries there on time to pick up. And replace the oil after five to seven times baking.

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