“It’s important to side effects of the medication report

It’s bijwerkingenweek. Medicijnautoriteit of his wife and children, and Bijwerkingencentrum Lareb want to medicijngebruikers, and health care providers to convey how important it is to have the side effects of the medication have to sign in, especially if you have more than one medicine at the same time. And even if an update is already in the information state.

Approximately 75% of all Dutch people are used to have a drug and over-the-counter. More than a quarter of the people in our country, even more than five medications at the same time.

These are often the elderly or those with chronic health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

Medicine regimens addressing polyş pharmacy, use of multiple medications at the same time

This year, the bijwerkingenweek in the character of medicine regimens addressing polyş pharmacy.

“With medicine regimens addressing polyş pharmacy, and the use of multiple drugs at the same time, it’s the one drug with the action of the other drug’s influence,” says Ton de Boer, the chairman of the medicijnautoriteit of his wife and children. “This can be a drug, for example, are stronger or less strong, to go to work.”

As he mentions, for example, the combination of diuretics with certain analgesic, such as ibuprofen, or diclofenac (NSAID).

“Water pills put the kidneys in the additional discharge of water into the body, while ibuprofen and diclofenac in the discharge of the fluid can slow down. This can lead to additional side effects, such as heart disease.”

Not all of the medication goes hand in hand, they can be each other’s effect and influence. (Photo: 1234RF)

Nearly 34,000 sales side effects have been reported

The side-effects and trade-offs that are well-known, are always given in the package leaflet and the product information of a medicinal product. The unknown side effects and interactions hope for both of our organizations to discover, thanks to the reports of the medicijngebruikers, and health care providers.

A known or suspected side effects or interactions, you can log on to Last year, there were almost 34.000 side effects have been reported. In the report, it does not matter whether it is a new or a well-known side-effect concerns.

“The more patients are reporting adverse reactions to medicines are, the more insight we get into the safety of the drug.”
Agnes Kant, director of the Bijwerkingencentrum Lareb

“The more that patients and healthcare professionals reporting adverse reactions to medicines are, the more insight we get into the safety of the medication,” said Agnes Kant, director of the Bijwerkingencentrum Lareb.

“The reports we discover will be new trade-offs. As a result, we now have some medicines do not go well together. And that’s pretty vital.”

The Farmer fills her in: “On the basis of the information on, for example, a new side-effect, a result of the interaction between a drug or a significant increase in the number of reports we will take action if appropriate, including at the European level.”

Sign in also side effects, which are well-known to

Such a move could lead to the adaptation of the leaflet, for example, and to make sure that it is a drug now available only by prescription, is. “On average, there are about two dozen times per year and issues a warning to healthcare professionals and risk information about a drug,” says The Farmer.

“This will help them to get the right drug to the right patient for this side effects as much as possible to prevent it.”

Why is it good to be a well-known side effects are too hard on yourself. “Of all the well-known side effects, we want to map out how to progress and how serious they are,” explains the site. “If you are under the impression this would be the other patients also should know about, report it.”

Discuss the symptoms that you are experiencing with the use of medication, always check with your doctor or pharmacist about to stress Side then The other. “If there is a mutual interaction the doctor may adjust the dose or a different medicine to prescribe that will not interact with any other medications,” said De Boer.

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