It’s hard for Belgian tienermodel Laurens Pouchele: “I wanted this first time with my parents to discuss’

Laurens Pouchele was a teenager of fifteen with a head full of football when a modelscout appealed to him. For a year he walked on the catwalk in Paris, for the eye of Herr Lagerfeld and other modegoden. Soar does he not, now he the world around. “This job is harder and more seriously than I thought.’

Laurens Pouchele: “I do the job greatly like.’ © Charlie De Keersmaecker

A slender 1.88 the sound meter, amandelogen, bolt-on yoke and jaws: modelscout Ruben Debuck of the Antwerp Rebel Management saw, say immediately the potential of Laurens Pouchele when he in may 2015 scoffed at a festival in West-Flanders. A blessing in disguise, says Pouchele. As a player of KV Kortrijk he had that day blind to let you go to a football game because of an injury, which he with some friends to the festival, drew.

“I was totally blown away when Ruben me his card gave,” says the teenager from Zwevegem. “School and football came for me in the first place, modeling was definitely not my big dream. On the other hand, you get such a chance every day. I did see the so seated fairly quickly. Only I wanted to have the idea first with my parents discuss. Who have me through thick and thin, supported, and I also wanted not to begin without their consent.’

‘Backstage is going to be fairly social. All the other guys sitting in the same boat: away from home, without family and friends.” © Charlie De Keersmaecker

Ignore Karl

A few weeks later signed Pouchele at Rebel Management. But the ball was really rolling in the spring of 2016, during a shoot for Dust Magazine: one of the involved scientists was so impressed that he Pouchele promptly booked for the following mannendefilé of Dior Homme in Paris, at the end of June. The experience of his life, confesses Pouchele: ‘Before I realized I took on my own car, I was in Paris clothes to fit. That was on a Tuesday. Friday followed the dress rehearsal, and on Saturday I ran immediately for the general public. A total new world for me. The sheer scale of such a production, the number of employees behind the scenes – I had no idea of.’

Pouchele is especially happy that he has his nerves on the moment itself could restrain. ‘When I made the catwalk had pounded my heart in my throat. But I kept my head. With the military photographers in the room or existing vips like Robert Pattinson and Karl Lagerfeld , I was not concerned. The only thing I thought were the instructions of the Dior team and the tips that I mentioned earlier had gotten on the modeling agency. That was also necessary. Home a catwalkloopje exercise or such a gigantic hall, full of audience – that is a very different situation.’ (laughs)

Without friends

Since then it hard for the now eighteen-year-old Belgian. In January of this year he opened the shows of Dior Homme and Ann Demeulemeester, and he walked for labels such as Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Raf Simons. Also in June, he was anywhere from the party: of Valentino in Milan and Craig Green and J. W. Anderson in London to the show of Hugo by Hugo Boss at Pitti Uomo in Florence.

A steep rise of the fashion magazines are not mine. Including W Magazine and the American and French Vogue took him on in lists of models in order to keep an eye on, and L’Officiel summed up his trail together as” un sans faute qui promet de durer.’

© Charlie De Keersmaecker

Still, Pouchele calm under all interest. ‘I am, thanks to my upbringing quite sober, and was never very with my appearance – that has not changed. I note there is a maximum on that I’m not too much oily snacks eat, enough water to drink and enough exercise. Though there is short time of course a lot has happened. I had as a beginner my way in an unknown world, between people who are also new to me. In addition, ace you on a casting are all on the same job. Since I was a little afraid before, but that was not necessary. Meanwhile I have several friends, and backstage, there is during the shows free social. All the other guys sitting in the same boat: away from home, without family and friends.”


Therefore, he is especially more independent become, says Pouchele. “I have my plan to learn to draw. Home was there for me cooked, and I could at the least issue an appeal to my parents, now I share during the fashion weeks in an apartment with other boys and I take care of myself for my eating. And if a casting is still no command results, your family is not ready to catch you, but you should give yourself quick pep.’ Or the loneliness of never nibbling? “I am particularly pleased that I have a piece of the world to see. In addition, I do the job really love – much more than I ever could have imagined. Modelling is harder and more seriously than I thought, but I got the hang of it.’

Now, higher secondary completed, devote Pouchele is fully dedicated to his career as a model. “The plan is for me now a year on this. That also gives me some time to find out what studies I want to do. I was there not out yet, and I do not want a hasty decision because you as a eighteen-year-old is now once have to make a choice. But I realize also that the commands are not as easy will continue to pour in. As a footballer, I have found that things sometimes differently than you expected. I was just so driven, to injury me on the side kept. I had to then also accept. Now I can so, but better as many commands into it and enjoy it – then we’ll see.”

Instagram: @laurenspouchele

© Charlie De Keersmaecker

© Charlie De Keersmaecker

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