It’s cocktail o’clock: Six excellent bars along the Belgian coast

Our coast has more to offer than a latte or a glass pilsner: since a year or two, you can in just about every town also has a sophisticated cocktail. The tram played for Bob, and we laafden us to an exquisite combination of salty air and zongestreelde drinks.

© Pura Vida

Stop #1: The Pharmacy, Knokke

© The Pharmacy

Who is the ‘cocktails on the coast, not to the Van Ongevalle-clan. Four years ago, began the pater familias Jan, along with daughter Hannah and son Rana bar in an old antique shop.

The cosy look of the antique interior, to preserve them, but beyond that, The Pharmacy has grown into a crackling laboratory of mixology where you can enjoy quality cocktails can take, often with revolutionary methods to be prepared. The Mint Julep Manhattan, for example, where ultrasonic waves of 20,000 Hz by currency-infusion bourbon to be sent, so that the smaakmoleculen be separated without the drink to warm up. This is just one of the many eye-catchers on the constantly evolving menu of The Pharmacy.

The Pharmacy, Elizabetlaan 178, 8300 Knokke-Heist

Stop #2: Pura Vida, Knokke

© Pura Vida

A kustbarathon without a beach bar is like a café without beer. Here, too, Knokke, a perfect place for you in store: the Pura Vida. A whopping 47 years this Sonia Beach, Sonia’s grandson Frederik Torresan beginning of this year, the case took over.

Frederik taught drinks at the cocktailwizards of The Pharmacy, and they also helped him to his cocktail list to put together. In this bar you do not have to fear for sickly sweet mojitos – except if that can make you happy – but you can enjoy well-balanced cocktails with unusual ingredients.

We recommend the tropical huiscocktail Pura Vida, with vodka, fresh pineapple, guava and lime juice, and homemade sugar syrup that geïnfuseerd was with three types of basil.

Pura Vida, Zeedijk-Albertstrand 542, 8300 Knokke-Heist

Stop #3: L’Apéreau, Blankenberge

© André Cocquyt

On to Blankenberge, the Pearl of the Coast. There, at the height of the tram stop Blankenberge Park, working bartender, Jeroen Van Hecke , for ten years on a gradually indestructible cocktailreputatie, in the stylish lounge L’Apéreau.

In the adjacent broederzaak Oberbayern you can find the best mussels of Blankenberge; in L’Apéreau serves Jeroen a delicious, on a wooden barrel aged Negroni, in addition to a number of other classics and their own creations.

L’Apéreau, De Smet De Naeyerlaan 53, 8370 Blankenberge

Stop #4: Akotee, The Rooster

Every region has its well-preserved secrets; now: on the coast is the Akotee one. Bartender ‘Convex‘ – his real name is also a well-kept secret – serves succulent gin-tonics.

Behind any combination, Convex composed of 120 gins, and 25 tonics, there’s a juicy story, since the chances are is that Round spot is going to look at how the spirit from the boiler came – whether it’s a distillery from Great Britain, Germany or Spain.

His own favorite? “You can never miss with a beautiful small-batchgin, a rock-solid Fever Tree tonic and a simple citrustoets. Jared Brown of Sipsmith say you are not a salad to make your G&T, and I follow him for sure.”

Akotee, Marktstraat 11, 8420 De Haan

Stop #5: Histoires d’O, Ostend

There is very little in the above a combination of freshly made shrimp and sea views. Now: that’s what you in Histoires d’o, along the dike in Ostend.

A gratuitous bonus, the cocktails that the manager Kevin Beirens conjures up; topdrankjes that can compete with the delicious food, this brasserie on the table. A local favorite is the ‘Taste of Ibiza, Hierbas Ibicencas, lime, bitters and orange, and topped with Schweppes Premium Ginger Ale.

If you want a gin and tonic, you can make a choice from a backbar with fifty bottles of gin.

Histoires d’O, Albert I-promenade 53, 8400 Oostende

Stop #6: Sofie’s Living Room, Sint-Idesbald

© Campari

Last but not least, we stop in Sint-Idesbald, near Koksijde. There the tireless Sofie Ketels court in her living room, she omtimmerde to an elegant salon from the twenties, complete with beautiful art-decoaccenten.

Sofie holds a fixed rotation of thirteen classic/home-made cocktails, all served with their own syrups, and herbs in her garden grow. The bittersweet Negroni is her favorite. If you insist, they may be the incarnation with which they last year the Beneluxfinale of the Campari-bartenderwedstrijd won: a combination of Appleton Estate, geïnfuseerd with grilled orange and smoked thyme, Campari, and Cocchi di Torino vermouth.

Great news by the way, for coming, opens Saturday Sofie its own beach club, on the beach of Koksijde: Sofie’s Sunset. The same magic that they had in her living room created, brings them now also to the beach.

Sofie’s Living Room, Demyttenaerelaan 13, 8670 Koksijde

Dieter Moeyaert

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