It’s a real life, bullet-proof, Iron Man flies the mini jet engines

Beauty shots of Adam on the Surface, a 3D-printed Iron Man suit with his helmet. (Credit: Discovery Channel).

As a technical expert, have a real-life Iron Man suit that can actually fly.

The contraption lifts up with the aid of a series of mini-jet engines that could blast the bearers of 15 feet above the ground.

To top it all off, the suit is bullet-proof, thanks to a 3D-printed titanium shells.

TV geek Adam Savage is made of the extract, as part of his new show, “It Builds.”

With four of the beams with the screws on each arm and one attached to the back, Wanted to be described as a “stunning experience.”

I was able to hover 15 feet above the ground, and in fact directionalize it and aim for a little bit,” Savage said.

“That’s the last little bit, just to feel the power of my arms locked, rise up on top of the soil – is absolutely priceless.

The jet pack used in the suit, it was designed and built by Loughborough University, as well as the Severity of Industries, a startup run by the British inventor Richard Brown.

Richard Browning, of land, for Adam Savage. (Credit: Discovery Channel).

With a skilled jet-pack flyer, Richard, flew out of the pack is 15 feet above the ground.

He described the feeling of wearing it – “like a wet suit.”

The pack itself is made with the help of a 3D printer and titanium.

High-speed video is to see to it that it is so strong it can deflect a bullet fired straight on to the plate.

On the surface, that is, it is the most well-known for the performance of its brains rules on the cult show, “Mythbusters,” according to Tony Stark himself would be proud of his invention.

“It sounds like an exaggeration, but I swear to god… if you were Tony Stark, it wasn’t imaginary, and he was building an Iron Man suit right now, and this is exactly what he would do, and this is the exact technology they would be using,” Savage told CNET.

“It Builds” is available in the U.S. on the Discovery Channel web site.

There’s no word yet on whether or not the show will be in place in the united kingdom.

This story was originally published in The Sun.

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