Italy vote on 4 december on an amendment to the constitution

Italy vote on 4 december on an amendment to the constitution

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A referendum in Italy on significant constitutional reforms will be organised on 4 december. One of the main plans is to control the power of the senate.

Premier Matteo Renzi wants the power of the senate, which is now still the same position as the house of commons, to limit. According to the critics, is the power of the senate the reason that Italy since the Second world War 63 governments have known.

Renzi at the beginning of this year, his political future tied to the outcome of the referendum. Now there are more votes seem to be for the ‘no-camp’, seems to be the premier back to this point: he does not want the referendum about him.

Previously wanted to Renzi the referendum in October or november, but he has now pushed forward to gain more time and people to convince of votes on the plan.

A Monday’s published poll shows a neck-to-nekrace between yes – and no-voters. About 55 percent of the voting population would be against the plan votes and 45 percent for.

Another poll shows a lead for the yes camp (44 percent) compared to 38 percent against. According to that survey, 18 percent of the voting Italians have not yet decided.


The highest court of Italy has approved in August its plan for a referendum well. For this purpose, 500,000 signatures were collected.

The first national elections are scheduled for 2018, but may be held if the government of Renzi fall. The 41-year-old prime minister is known as someone who reforms to make in the politically unstable country. Recently, it was still a national banking crisis averted by a plan of Renzi.

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