Italian Vijfsterrenbeweging is subject to strict requirements of a new coalition

The Italian Vijfsterrenbeweging (M5S), it will only be for a new coalition to compete with the centre-left Democratic y (PD) and to agree to a list of strict beleidseisen, has the M5S leader, Luigi Di Maio on Friday, said.

Di Maio came to his demand, after a day of talks with an independent caretaker prime minister by Giuseppe Conte, who has close ties with the M5S does. Conte’s has a president, Sergio Mattarella has been commissioned for a new coalition to forge between the M5S and the PD.

M5S wants, among other things, that the PD agrees with the key principles of the movement, as well as the reduction in the number of members of parliament, and the reduction of the migrantenreddingen of the Mediterranean Sea, where the social democrats are against it have said.

“Our events and said, clearly,” said Di Maio is on a personconferentie in Rome, italy. “If they are in line with the coalition agreement to come to, then we can start. If not, then it is better to get re-elected, to hold, as soon as possible.”

The requirements of Di Maio verrastten the crime scene, or that of his party, earlier this week reached a preliminary deal of the day. PD vice-president, Andrea Orlando, has described the declaration of the M5S leaders, as “incomprehensible”. “You’ve changed my mind? To say that clearly,” he wrote on Twitter.

Members of M5S have moved out of

Absolutely sure, it was a coalition, not yet. M5S), a populist anti-establishmentpartij, the last week it has reached agreement, first, to present to our members. The results of the online vote at the end of the next week arrives. Several M5S members have spoken in the media, in their rejection of cooperation with the PD. You probably want a Di Maio for them to meet the social-democrats have strict requirements to submit.

The previous government of Italy, by a coalition between the M5S and the right-wing radical party, League of the deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini, was earlier in August, the other, after Salvini announced it will no longer have a partner to work with. The League-leader, and sent to the re-election. The party is doing good right now in the polls.

The former coalition partner, M5S, and has, in the past few months is a great loss recently in the polls, the strategy of Di Maio is risky does.

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