Italian police arrest cyber criminals that the former prime minister would hack into third

Italian police arrest cyber criminals that the former prime minister would hack into third

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The Italian police has two hackers were arrested, many of the sensitive information of high-ranking figures had managed to intercept. They knew to break on devices of the former prime minister Mario Monti.

The pair was arrested by the Italian Polizia Postale, which deals with legislation around the post and telecommunication system in Italy. “There are thousands of e-mail accounts hacked,” says Roberto Di Legami, head of the cyberdvisie of the police compared to Reuters.

The 45-year-old hacker Julius Occhionero worked according to the court, together with his 48-year-old sister Maria Francesca. They managed among other things to break in on the Apple account of the former prime minister.

The hackers would also have compromised the computer of Saverio Capolupo, a high-ranking officer in the Italian army. On the online account of the famous Italian economist Fabrizio Saccomanni was also broken into. Multiple cardinalen of the Vatican are on the list of victims.


According to the investigating judge had the two access to the e-mail accounts of several victims, where they have the passwords were acquired. Occhionero developed malware that he the passwords could scam. With keyloggers, all keystrokes on some computers that are monitored.

By senior Italians to hacking, made the brother and sister dossiers on politicians, bankers, managers, economists, governments and entrepreneurs. The hacked systems were, according to the court, often used by the army and contain information relating to national security.

From the ingested material turns out that the hackers likely that 18,000 accounts have been hacked. There are 2,000 users ‘ passwords being discovered.

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