“It is never proven that there are endorphins released during laughter’

“It is never proven that there are endorphins released during laughter’

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It is Friday and World Smile Day. “Laugh is healthy”, cups of various studies. However, there is recently a study come out where this is not apparent. Makes laugh is healthy, or not?

In 1988 left the psychologist Fritz Strack, and two colleagues, subjects pens between their teeth clenching a smile. This group rated the newspaper comics after that as funnier than subjects not smile made.

Methodologist Eric-Jan Malaga repeated this research with seventeen research groups in nine countries and found no evidence. They suggested that smile strips not more enjoyable. This said, the NRC “Smiling makes nevertheless not be happier”.

“The research of Malaga and his colleagues is a good research. But this will be the previous studies on this topic is not weggeredeneerd,” says Possibe Box, assistant professor in the department of clinical psychology of the University of Utrecht against

“I remain of the opinion that laughing is healthy. And most importantly: smile with the eyes. The muscle groups associated with smiling are the eye and mondspieren. Especially with the eye muscles are the real emotions that is felt to be together.”

More fun

“Laughter is healthy”, is also lachpsycholoog Alida van Leeuwen. “Many studies have found that by laughing healthy substances create. It does not matter whether this is a fake smile or a real laugh. Because your muscles in lachstand, respond to your brain positively.” Box: “People who laugh are generally more fun, and not too many problems.”

“If you pretend you laugh, or if you genuinely laughs, then there is the endorphin free,” says Van Leeuwen. “This reduces the stress. This also has to do with the endorphins that you create. You will have less burden of stress-substances, as a result you are more relaxed and so you feel better.”

That endorphin release is only a presumption, set Box. “It is continuous everywhere that you laugh endorphins create, but this has never been scientifically proven. Everyone takes from each other about making this a life of its own.”

What is proven is, is that humor has an influence on pijndrempels, set Box.


Laughter also has a social aspect. Van Leeuwen: “People who smile more positively approached than people who do not laugh. This has to do with mirror neurons. If you see someone laughing, you tend to reflect yourself and also to start laughing.”

“Mirror neurons are already asked in”, also sets Box. “You may see this in babies all. If a baby smiles, the laughs the mother and vice versa.”

Box has done research into the relationship between health and humor. “Humor provides a psychological and social aspect. It is also an important aspect to dating. If someone is not smiling or not funny, then it is usually nothing.”

“People who have more laughter and more positive in the life we are living to be older,” concludes Van Leeuwen.

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