It Is important to know your blood type?

In the World Donordag (June 14) is used throughout the world to draw attention to blood donation. Good reason to have a look at what the different blood types, because of the ‘bad’ blood for a blood transfusion and it can sometimes even lead to death. Therefore, it Is important to get to know your blood type?

“You don’t have to be ashamed of, if you don’t know it. Nearly half of Dutch people know their own blood type is not,” says the official description from the city centre, the spokesman of the Responsible, not-for-profit, which is the blood supply in the Netherlands takes care of.

Are you the type of blood only plays a role in medical situations. “If you’re in the hospital and needing a blood transfusion, for example. Or, if you sign up as a blood donor, of course.”

Also, for the women who are up for the second and subsequent times you have been pregnant, have been in the bloedtypes of the mother and the child are important. If that is not the same, it can be risky for your baby’s birth. However, in all cases, doctors and your blood tests or to look at your case file, and will not have to rely on what you claim.

What are the different blood groups are the most common type in the Netherlands.

  • Blood group O: 47 per cent of the Dutch population
  • Blood type A: 42% of the Dutch population
  • Blood type B: 8 per cent of the Dutch population
  • Blood type AB: 3% of the Dutch population
  • In addition, 84 per cent of Dutch people, called rh-positive (or “plus sign” after you have bloedgroepletter). A lot of people, so as to have O+ or A+, while the B – and AB – infrequent occurrence of

She had no medical need for any blood tests

Those who are curious about the blood type and would like to know, has the bad luck: she had no medical need to, you can’t just find out about it. He / she will not then have a blood test ordered.

It would also be no need to be stressed and the casino. “In general, there is no reason for your blood type is to be determined. It doesn’t have any effect on your daily life. Your body will know what type of blood it is, that’s plenty.”

Any donor is welcome

Blood bank Sanquin welcomes each and every new donor, regardless of their blood type (as long as he or she is, however, certain other conditions are met). Ideally, each and every blood donor is also roughly the same number of times up: males have a maximum of five times per year, and the women are up to three times. Your blood type does not matter.

“In the blood types A and B, there is a kind of natural balance. Blood type AB is very rare, which is not very often in patients, but we have very few donors are needed,” says Van Hasselt. “The only O-negative donor, it is more often called for than that of an O-positive donor.”

Anyone can have O-negative blood will be administered without any risk. Ideal for use in emergencies only. By the way, the location and availability of the blood bank have a role to play, and at the invitation of the donors of a specific blood type. It does sometimes matter whether you are a donor, a well-attended blood bank in the area, or in a quiet, rural district of.

It doesn’t matter what blood type you have, if you have a donor wants it to be. ()

You don’t have one, but there are lots of different blood groups

Moreover, it is an impossible task to get all the way to the height of your blood type. You are not the one type of blood, but more than a hundred of them. “There are about 360 different blood groups are known, of which between 140 and 150, bears, explains:” the casino out.

The average bloedgroepweter, we all know it is only one or two of these systems: whether or not you are blood group A, B, and D belongs to, and whether or not you have the blood cells, the so-called rhesusfactor it or not, what happened when a plus-sign or a minnetje at the A, B, and D.

Just a few of the different blood groups are of importance

If you have to work tomorrow, the hospital would end up a blood transfusion is needed, you can actually just your SUBSCRIPTION and you will rhesusfactor of interest to you. “Those two cause the most violent reactions, if you get the wrong blood is administered, it would get it. Then your body is very hard to get to the blood and to dispose of it, sometimes even with fatal consequences.”

“The blood is administered to get on the wrong AB0-blood group or a wrong rhesusfactor has, at times, fatal consequences”
In the casino, the president is Responsible for

All 140 of the other bloedgroepsystemen to make a one-time donation does not matter. And even for those who have regular transfusions, there are still only 22 and is of importance in order to prevent that the body and the donated blood goes. Is responsible for is yourself, even with “only” 22 bloedgroepsystemen.

Blood type has nothing to do with the diet

Stories about you, your eating habits should consider your blood type, for example, in order to have enough nutrients to be given, referring the casino to the realm of fiction.

“There is a relationship between your blood type and your gut, but it doesn’t have anything to do with what you do, or you would not have to eat it.” Also, it is the so-called bloedgroepdieet to have never been scientifically proven. In short, a health professional may be something to do with the knowledge of your blood type and you have to basically do nothing with that information.

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