It is always Kustweer

The coast the tourists with the slogan “It’s always kustweer” convince that the weather is better by the sea than inland.

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Therefore, it will Westtoer the kustweerbericht even stronger in the paint with the live views and ten additional webcams. It reports the provinciebedrijf Wednesday at the presentation of the tourist season.

“It is always Kustweer!” With that slogan Westtoer tourists who hesitate to go to the coast to convince you to go to the sea to go. “The figures indicate that, last summer, 175 hours more sun to be seen was on the coast than in the interior”, says Liesbeth by professor billiet, regional manager at Westtoer. “That is even three hours per day more than in Uccle.”

Westtoer is going to collaborate with the Agency for Maritime Services and Coast (MDK) to the kustweerbericht to strengthen. Westtoer is responsible for the tourism development.

Webcam in every coastal city

There are ten new webcams, in each coastal city alone. The images will be from april-live on Depending on the weather will Westtoer, the tourists also have some suggestions. So will the site in bad weather to tell you the allweatheractiviteiten and events of the day. On the kustwebsite there is also a new and detailed weather forecast per coastal city.

Ostend goes a step further with a private kustweerbericht in cooperation with the regional television Focus/WTV. Also Ostend gives bathers a few suggestions of what she can do. “The weather is a very important factor for the tourism in Ostend,” said mayor Johan Vande Lanotte (sp.a). “We are in recent years more and more has evolved into an all-weather destination, but for a kustbestemming it is extremely important to have a proper weather to have.”

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