It is a Team of alien hunters-led by Blink-182 co-founder claims to have found a UFO-a material that is unknown to scientists,”

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Pilot projects are starting to get to the parts of the UFO encounters and response of the the senior author, Michael Wall.

A band of alien hunters led by an ex-punk rocker, claiming that they have found evidence of Ufo’s.

The AMERICAN organization, bankrolled by former Blink-182 singer Tom DeLonge said that it acquired the “exotic material” what could have been an alien spacecraft.

DeLonge, California, is a co-founder of the group, looking At the Stars and the Academy of Arts and Sciences-in 2017, with the aim of the research is to aliens.


The team, which is the most famous of the rolled-up divided images of a Ufo captured by American pilots, which have been confirmed to be real by the US Navy earlier this month.

Speaking to the New York Times, a spokesman for the group, gave a tantalizing tease for his next big story.

A reporter asked if the team had taken “an exotic material, samples of the Ufos.”

The spokesman said: “Sure.”

No further details were given, so it’s not at all clear as to what “material” they were talking about.

Back in July, a see-saw DeLonge, the organization made a similar claim in his study.

The group’s Twitter account, and wrote that the researchers had developed a “potentially exotic materials with properties that are not known to be existing military or commercial applications.”

The Star Academy is still a lack of evidence to back up these claims.

“What we have done is to try to find one of the most highly qualified persons in the most respectable institutions to carry out scientific research, the” Luis Elizondo, executive director of the global security, as well as special programs for DeLonge, the group said at the Time.

“This scientific analysis, physical analysis, and includes: molecular and chemical analysis, and in the end it consists of nuclear data analysis.”

Elizondo said the team is in no hurry to release his research.

He said: “The last thing we want to do is jump to conclusions to early in the morning. In the end, the details are going to decide what something is or what something is, not at all.”

It is not clear who is working for DeLonge, the group, or any of their research in a peer-reviewed, and therefore, we should take these claims with a pinch of salt for the time being.

All we know is that it’s an eclectic mix of scientists and pop stars.

According to its website, the academy is a partnership between academia, industry, and pop culture in order to advance society’s understanding of scientific phenomena as well as technological implications.”

It is the most well-known of the group, the U.S. department of the Navy, in order to give you a number of UFO sightings in the vicinity of the U.S. military to go back for a couple of years.

It will give rise to the astonishing reports that May be revealed as Navy pilots in the area-it is in the day to day dealings with the mysterious flying objects are, in 2014 and 2015.

In several interviews, the pilots described the objects moving at hypersonic speeds, and to perform the acts passed by the physical limitations of a human crew”.

Lieutenant Ryan Graves, he said he saw a “foreign object”, with “no visible engine, or an infrared exhaust plumes,” the achievement of at least 30,000 feet and fly at hypersonic speeds, almost on a daily basis during the course of the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt.

Dig the F/a-18 Super Hornet pilot in the Navy for 10 years, told The New York Times: “These are the things that would be there for the whole day.

“How to keep a plane in the air requires a significant amount of energy.

“With the speeds we’ve seen, and 12 hours is 11 hours longer than we had anticipated.”

This story was originally published in The Sun.

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