Israeli prime minister Netanyahu allowed a new government to form

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu must first make an effort to create a new government, and president Reuven Rivlin on Wednesday announced.

The Likud of Netanyahu, it was during the parliamentary elections earlier this month, with 31 seats, the second party in the country. The centrumpartij Kahol Lavan Benny Gantz did have two seats to be more secure. The two leaders on Tuesday held talks, but failed to form a coalition.

It is up to Netanyahu and his second chance this year to form a government. After the general elections in april, as both the Likud as the Kahol Lavan and 35 seats was, he could also take a leading role in the formation process. The politician was at the time, not to form a government, and the parliament itself, on the initiative of the Netanyahu let loose.

Netanyahu, with more than a decade, the langszittende the prime minister of Israel, has now, after four weeks, the period of time for a new government to be formed. If he didn’t come up, then the deadline is two weeks longer.

The formation process is expected to be once again difficult. For a majority of seats in the parliament, 61 seats, necessary. According to the latest surveys, will receive, the party of Netanyahu’s support, a total of 55 members of parliament, one more than the Kahol Lavan.

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