Israeli police kills Palestinian attackers

Israeli police kills Palestinian attackers

Photo: AFP

The Israeli police Monday on the Western Bank, two Palestinians were shot. They fell earlier in the day two border guards.

The two Palestinian activists were on the guards in a checkpoint in Hebron. The border guards shot the young men, seventeen to 21 years old, down before they make their attack. The first died on the spot, the other in the hospital.

Earlier Monday there was an attack in East Jerusalem, where a Palestinian with a knife two agents to body went and wounded. One of the victims, a woman, there is serious. The other person could just take his weapon and pull the offender off.


After a few relatively quiet weeks, violence in Israel since Friday flared. Prime Minister Netanyahu gave on Sunday the command, the number of police in the old city of Jerusalem and the temple mount, just to the east of them, to carry on.

He sent also a few hundreds of additional military personnel to the West Bank, where Palestinians also often strike.

The next month, to celebrate the Jews a few public holidays and the authorities fear for more violence. A year ago, blazed also in this period, the unexpected violence. That took so far to 35 Israelis and more than two hundred Palestinians life.

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