Israeli ex-prime minister Peres rushed to hospital for stroke

Israeli ex-prime minister Peres rushed to hospital for stroke

Photo: AFP

The Israeli former prime minister Shimon Peres on Tuesday rushed to the hospital. He has, according to the hospital had a stroke with severe bleeding.

Initially, the office of Peres the former prime minister is in stable condition and that he is fully conscious, but around 20: 00 (Dutch time), it appears that Peres in an artificial coma is being held. His condition is “serious”.

Doctors have the former prime minister in an artificial coma on account of his condition and to do research. The politician is on a ventilator.

According to Peres’ son Chemi the family gets together in the hospital. There will be “later decisions have to be made,” he said.


A stroke is a medical condition in which the bloeddoorvoer in a part of the brain is briefly blocked. Ultimately, it can lead to bloedpropjes or the tearing of veins, causing an internal hemorrhage occurs.

Medical sources declare before the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that it is likely going to be a heart attack that led to an embolism, a closure of a vein. That made for a bloedpropje in the brain of Peres, which led to a brain hemorrhage.


In January, the 93-year-old Peres admitted to hospital because of heart problems. Peres got earlier this month, a pacemaker, writes The Times of Israel, because he seemed to be battling with a heart rhythm abnormality.

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has Peres a speedy recovery is desired. “Shimon, we love you and the whole nation’s hopes on your recovery,” said Netanyahu.

The born in Poland Peres won the Nobel Peace prize for his role in the interim peace accords with the Palestinians in 1993. He was twice prime minister, and from 2007 to 2014 president. Peres was followed, in 1995, the murdered Yitzhak Rabin.

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